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Lethal Obsession: Erotica by Sexy Author Shandra Miller




Angela Martin is like everyone else. She wants acceptance. Love. Passion.

For five years she’s lived with the pain of knowing her husband cheats on her. She’s dealt with the heart-rending rejection by rebuilding her life around her work, becoming the first woman detective in the history of the Moose Creek, N.C., police department.

Then she stumbles upon him. A man who reawakens desire, who makes her feel more alive than she believed possible by pulling her into a world of bondage and dominance, devotion and trust taken to a new level, fear mingling with desire, a craving stronger than any drug.

Soon women start turning up dead in Moose Creek, bound and tortured, tied in ways that Angela finds startling familiar. Angela’s heart tells her that her newfound love cannot be the killer, her detective instincts tell her otherwise, and her obsession with this new lifestyle draws her back to him, even at the risk of her life.

LETHAL OBSESSION is a tale of sex and bondage, love and fear, desire and suspicion, with an ending that will leave you breathless, craving more.

LETHAL OBSESSION is available for purchase during March for an introductory offer of $2.99.

Get it at Amazon

Or Barnes and Noble



About Shandra Miller

Shandra is a mid-western gal who left home at 16 and never looked back. Eventually she made her way to Florida, worked for three years as a carnie and another three with a circus — yes, a real, live, honest-to-god circus. Traveled all through the South and Mid-Atlantic, town to town, on the road eight months at a time.

Now she’s a small-town office girl, filing papers, answering the phone. She doesn’t own a cell phone or a TV, she takes long walks at night, lies in the grass in the day time and watches the clouds go by, and she writes erotica. Blazing hot erotica. And mystery stories dripping with lust, sex and suspense.

You can follow Shandra on her blog, Shandra’s Shadow World, on Facebook and on Twitter.

You can also join her March Lethal Obsession Blog Tour — There you’ll find contests and giveaways, and a chance at winning a $20 Amazon gift card and an e-copy of all of her published fiction!



An excerpt from


Angela took a deep breath, exhaled, then opened the door and stepped in.

She felt the blood drain from her face, the strength leave her legs. She stumbled, grabbed the door handle for support. It wasn’t enough. Her knees buckled and she leaned her body against the door jamb. Angela closed her eyes. Do not pass out. Do not lose it. She flinched when a hand touched her shoulder.


It was Tank, and his voice – his touch – brought Angela back to her senses. She stood straight and turned away, facing back toward the parking lot.

“You okay?” he asked, surprise in his eyes.

Get a grip. Moose Creek was a small town – a fourth of its entire police force stood before Angela – and she was the first woman ever hired outside of a clerical deputy. She had worked hard, taken on all the most difficult cases that managed to spring up in their town, went through the toughest training courses she could find, and it had paid off. Angela had the respect of her chief, even the awe of some of the younger officers, yet she still carried a small chip on her shoulder. Crimes were not supposed to bother her, and she worked hard at showing no reaction….

…Angela braced herself and turned back inside.

Across the room the nude body of a woman hung. Her arms were stretched overhead, wrists bound together and then tied to a metal loop driven into the ceiling. A scarf was tied around her head, acting as a blindfold, and another gagged her, holding what looked to be another balled-up piece of cloth deep in her mouth.

A tremble ran through Angela’s body. Just do your job. She looked around. It was a bare room – bed undisturbed, small cheap desk against one wall, next to a low chest of drawers. On that set a television, blaring some music video channel.

Angela pulled two latex gloves from her pocket and put them on. Carefully, so as to offer minimal disturbance to the scene, she walked across the room, stopping to take the remote from where it set on top of the television. She clicked a button to see what channel it was on, checked to see the last channel it had been on, then clicked the mute button. She turned back to the victim and stepped to her.

Dried mascara lined her face. She had cried. From the look of her face she had cried a lot. Angela struggled to focus, to think, flashbacks playing through her head, the feeling of dread, of helplessness, of seeing nothing but darkness, hearing nothing but the sound of her own muffled voice and the slap of leather against her body.

Angela stepped around behind the woman – red marks crisscrossed her buttocks, the back of her legs, a couple snaking their way around her hip to the front. Angela felt faint, ghost-pain stings from her own butt surfacing in her mind. And, despite her fear, and revulsion of what she was now investigating, from somewhere inside she felt…arousal at the memory of her own experience….

Echoes of Empty Spaces

It is never easy to come back. I am not back here to stay, or to come back, but to pick up bits and pieces left behind. Some of these bits and pieces will fit in my car; others, though, are pieces of my heart that regardless of how well I look for them, they will always have a permanent residence here.

I guess lots of others have bits and pieces here. Seemingly an idyllic community, a nestled small town where the residents tell you how wonderful it is to live here, and for some stupid reason, perhaps feeling like you are getting away from something else when you are not, you, like the rest of the fools, like I did, flock to it expecting empty promises to be true.

There is a lot of emptiness here, especially in people’s souls, in their hearts. They are like a special kind of vampire that takes the life right out of you. If you are lucky, you’ll see it, you’ll get away from it; if not, they’ll take part of your soul, darken a light within, especially those who have such a bright and wonderful light like she did, but they were also a part of her.

I think about her, now. I don’t even need to come here to think about her. I could be hours away and she will enter into my mind, or come out of that hiding place deep within that she occupies; think they call it the heart.

I must confess that whenever I come here to pick up the pieces, there is a lingering, even building, desire that she will walk around that corner, somehow find me. What would I do with her though?

I fell in love with her so deeply, like I have never fallen for anybody before. I’ve had plenty of opportunities with love through the decades of my life, and plenty of times I thought I was in love, but it was different with her. I had found a friend and a confidant, somebody who could get into my mind like nobody else, and especially as young as she was.

When I first met her, she had just turned 17, but had an inquisitive nature, she liked to dig and it seemed like I was her favorite ground to dig in. She had such a confidence to her, even in her stride as she could strut, with that knowing grin which was not an indication that she was up to something so much as she had won.

In memory, I see her face with that grin, yes that knowing grin, but also with a glint in her eyes as she glances her look at me, stealing away the grin from her face, but replacing it with a look of…wanting. Burned into my mind I see her looking at me that way.

She would hang out with me at the second hand shop I had set up. She was with child and would bring the baby with her, sit in the shop holding the baby as I dealt with customers, occasionally glancing at her, catching her glancing at me, as I sometimes found myself wishing this was my situation, that she was with me.

Alas, she was married, a very young age to have been married and with a child. Married and 17, I wasn’t going to be inappropriate with her, but on visits with her and her family when she would sit beside me, and close as possible…I liked the feeling of her leaning into me; but I wasn’t getting it at the time, what she was meaning by it.

After I had moved away from the community, I had not talked to her in a while, but did talk to her family, and every time I heard that she might be leaving her husband, something within me happened, some desire boiled within. I thought about her, even fantasized about her.

As things happened, she did leave her husband, or at least was in the process when we talked again. Being she was over 18 I told her of my feelings, my fantasies about her, and she told me of her feelings, and wanting to make those fantasies happen.

I have never fallen for someone like I fell for her. With anybody else, it seems, I would have been uncomfortable with the age difference, fearing committing to someone and end up being alone because they realized at one point that I am old compared to them. But with her, it was different; I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life, however much of it was left, and perhaps I didn’t think of how fair that might or might not be to her.

We had gotten together, despite the distance we now live, and it was like my most impossible dream had come true, but something happened; exactly what I don’t know, but something happened.

Here I stand reminiscing outside the storage unit. It is actually what was once a dumpy motel, not well laid out, with small rooms which the owner of the property has rented out some of them as storage units. It sits across from another building, barely 8 feet between them; the two buildings forming a narrow red brick lined alleyway.

Ever now and then I feel a drop of rain. Night has crept upon me standing here remembering things, but the night is warm and humid; there is suppose to be a cold front moving in later tonight, with rain, but for the time being even with the sun below the horizon it is hot enough to sweat just from moving around, and it’s suppose to sprinkle on top of that, and it’s going to be a warm mist.

I’m just standing, looking at the open door of the room, the contents sparsely scattered about. Over in one corner are some books I intended to give her as she loves to read; against a wall is the daybed she would lie upon, me sitting in a chair next to it, her head dangling just over the edge, like she wanted to lay it on me, be closer to me.

Bits and pieces of memories lie about the room; much like my mind there is no organization to the mess, just randomness. Maybe randomness is what keeps the memories alive, maybe that’s why I just leave things as they are; even though things are over, there’s a place for everything when it doesn’t have a place to belong.

I look at the daybed and I can see her on it, reading a book or just lying there, her head turned to the side looking at me. I’m drifting with my memories, my imagination; looking to my side down the alley, like I can see her figure just standing there in the darkness looking my way. Blinking my eyes does nothing to convince me I’m imagining things, as I slowly come to realize that she is standing there.

She is in the darkness, but her figure is recognizable to me. I can see the shape of that distinct ponytail of hers, pulled tightly behind her head, always seemingly perfectly shaped. She seems hesitant just standing there, but she moves, moves toward me, as she comes just into the dim light from a distant streetlamp peeking over the rooftops I can see that confident, slight grin on her face, masking a nervousness I can tell is within her.

I look upon her; she is so beautiful. She is tall and slender; a lean, toned body. Her skin is pale like porcelain, so soft to the touch, and to the eyes. Her beautiful green eyes set behind her round, wire-framed glasses. And setting her features off is that beautiful auburn hair.

She’s dressed in a simple outfit consisting of some kind of white or cream colored pullover blouse and a long length of garment, paisley and colorful, wrapped about her hips and tied in a simple knot on the side. She looks beautiful and tantalizing how she is dressed.

She comes within just a few feet, trying to keep that confident look on her face, but is nervous as I don’t speak, I’m in too much awe of her, as she breaks the ice, “I saw you driving past the market earlier; I…thought I might find you here.”

I stand here just looking at her, thinking of the right thing to say, something smooth to say that would open up her heart to just openly and honestly talk to me, “And how are you today?’

Okay, so that was not it, but I am still working on it.

“I should ask” I continue, “do you want to talk about something?”

“I wanted to see you. I know it’s not going to make up for anything, or convince you of anything, but I just wanted to see you.”

I stand before her, just dumbfounded; I can’t think of what to say to her. I love her, I know that, however, is never going to work, because it did not. Yet, all the times I had thought of what I would say to her, and even practiced, saying it, it has completely escaped me and I can’t remember a damn thing I want to say to her.

“I know I hurt you” she says, comfortably easing my moment of grasping for something, “and maybe you think that it was just another tale…story, and not everything was true, but I did love you and that was true.”

“And I DO…love you” just spills out of my mouth, not completely by surprise as I want to tell her, and have wanted to tell her that I do love her no matter what happened.

She just stands there, giving me that wanting look like she has done before, yet she still has that hesitation in her. I don’t know if this is what she wanted to hear, or maybe it was, but she doesn’t want to deal with it.

“With the way things ended” she begins,”with the way we didn’t break up, but just ended…”

She stops, she searches for words, but I don’t want to give her an out, I want to hear something from her, something I didn’t hear from her when she went silent…leaving me out in the cold, guessing what was going on with her.

She looks me in the eyes as she says “I know I was the wrong girl for you…”

“The wrong girl?” as I interrupt her, “You were not and are not the wrong girl. You were my best friend, you became my desire, and I came to love you and that has not passed. If anything, you were the most right girl that I could have imagined, but it’s everything else, as I came to learn, you and your family ways with the stories leaving me with no trust in you, the people who have to be a part of you who suck the life out of you, the way you’ve been brought up that I cannot change, change your family ways that tore us apart as much as the deception that brought us together. It’s so many wrong things, but you are the one I wanted to love, do love, and you are the right girl.”

She stands with no expression upon her face; that look which does make me uncomfortable as I cannot read that one look, the one look that was on her face when last I saw her, before she went silent; wouldn’t even give me the time of day or any reason, despite having planned to move back here, among people I detest, or the sole reason of being with her, spending my life with her, marrying her.

She lifts her head just slightly, tightening her lips, then they purse out, a slight quiver to them as she does this, almost as though she wants to cry, as she begins to speak  “I know you hurt, and I did not lie when I told you I loved you. I was confused, still am confused. I don’t think I know what the truth is. The one thing I do know is that I wanted you and I was jealous of anybody else who got your attention over me. You told me that I was too young, but when I turned 18, you told me different and I had what I wanted, but then I didn’t know if I wanted it.”

“We can’t turn this around” I begin abruptly, “and start over or try to make something out of it. You found somebody else, and maybe being closer to your age that was inevitable and was a fear of mine that you would begin to see me as so much older than you when the crush and the taboo wore off. Even if we were to try, the one thing I am certain of is that I cannot recreate your family, stop the stories, and I can never take your family out of you, and I would end up hating you; and the one thing I never want to do is to hate you, hate the girl I most love in this world.”

“No” she responds, “we can’t go back, or try everything.”

“What do you mean…everything?”, as my curiosity gets the best of me in her seemingly cryptic response, or maybe I just wasn’t getting it; which is not a first for me with her.

She turns about, away from me, and walks in the opposite direction, just starting into the darkness from which she came as she says “You aren’t the only one who wishes. I see you come into town and put a few items into your car from the storage unit, when much more will fit. I know when you are around, but I am afraid that you will be angry with me. I also know I’m not the only one looking around the corner, hoping…someone will come around that corner. I see you looking around the same corner; it’s the same corner, but you or I never look.”

She stands ahead of me in the darkness her back to me, as I just now notice we have both been sweating in the heat of the night; sprinkles of rain just begin to light upon us standing in this alley. Drawing my attention back to her as she just stands there, her head slightly turned toward her shoulder, glancing just over her shoulder back at me, then turning her glance away as I see her cross her arms in front of her, dropping her hands to her sides as she does this, grabbing to the bottom hem of her blouse, and pulling her blouse up, slowly exposing her naked back, her pale beautiful skin glistening with the wetness of the sweat and rain like finely glazed porcelain.

She pulls the blouse fully up and over her head, still with her back to me, as she drops her arms while holding to her blouse, as she now turns about to face me with the blouse held in her arms against her chest, coyly, even teasing.

She walks toward me as she says “You told me of a fantasy you had about me, and I told you I had a fantasy too. We never got to have that one night; to have have that fantasy.”

She walks right up to me, her face close, then she leans into me, resting her chin on my shoulder and leaning her head into mine. I raise my arms and wrap them around her, feeling the moist bare skin of her back, oh so soft to the touch, and she stiffens her back in response to my touch as I hear a gasp from her in my ear as her breath escapes from her in a sudden exhalation, tickling my ear.

I pull her in tight, holding to her like I always wanted to hold her, reaching my hand up behind her head, and pulling the hair band from her ponytail, letting her beautiful auburn hair fall loose. I hear her groan in approval as she pushes herself away from me, shaking her now wet hair about, and dropping the blouse to the ground below, holding her arms slightly out from her side, giving me a full view of her naked torso, her gentle and firm breasts as her nipples peek out in giddy excitement; her face has a look of giddiness as well, seeing me look at her nakedness, and enjoying it.

I reach to my waist, grabbing the hem of my polo shirt, and pull it up and off, throwing it to the ground. She steps in again as our naked torsos touch,  chest to chest, flesh to flesh. I can feel her breasts pressing into my chest, her nipples pressing further, as she can feel me begin to press into her from below as in the excitement my dick is hardening.

I rub my cheek against hers. Turn my head, placing my lips onto her face, tasting that saltiness of sweat as I explore every contour of her wonderfully chiseled features from her eyes to her chin as her mouth drops open, gasping and tilting her head back in the enjoyment.

She stands back from me just slightly this time as she brings her hands up, one to each side of my face, gently cradling, as she looks deeply into my eyes, then leans in pressing her lips against mine.

We press our lips together coyly, nibbling at each other. Her tongue slides across her lower lip as I nip onto it between my lips, allowing it to slide gently out from between them. She slides her tongue back into my mouth as I suckle on it ever so lovingly, and nibble, then suddenly, almost like we are following cues, we go into a full open mouth kiss, holding hard to each other’s heads as we press in deep with our tongues, nibbling wildly in the process as though we are going to eat each other up.

Lighting upon us, the sprinkles increase into a steady rain, dribbling down our faces as we are engaged in a deep longing kiss. She breaks off from the kiss, smiling, almost shyly this time, as she pushes away from me. I stand looking at her beautiful body, the rain beading on her luscious skin, then running down her body as she reaches to the knot of the fabric tied about her waist. I step into her, taking hold of the knot in one hand and pulling her into me.

She struggles to pull the knot loose, but I won’t let her. She looks at me, placing her cheek on mine, nibbling at my ear, trying to distract me from holding the knot but I won’t let go; she knows my fantasy is to tease her, slowly taking her clothes off of her.

“Take it off” she whispers in my ear.

I hold firmly to her, not letting her pull that knot loose, as I back her toward the door of the storage room. I lift her off her feet, holding her in front of me as she leans her forehead down into mine, grinning, as we enter through the door, carrying her and placing her, standing, right up against the daybed.

She looks at the daybed behind her, then turns to me and says “I dreamt about you when I slept in that bed.”

“I fantasized about being in that bed with you” I said.

She still tries to pull at the knot, but I will not let go, so she places her hands on my bare chest, first rubbing my chest, then she starts sliding them down. She turns hers hands, fingers down, as she begins to push them down my stomach, both of us trembling in anticipation.

As her hands reach my waist, she places one hand on my zipper, and one in my waistline. I hear the zipper go down, feel her hand brush against my hard dick trying to push its way out of my underwear. She pulls her hand back up from the zipper, and using both hands unbuttons my pants.

My pants fall to the floor, I kick them off of my feet. Holding to her knot she leans into me, her head looking down onto my underwear with the noticeable bulge of my hard dick pushing, stretching the fabric out. She lowers her hands, nervously tugging at my underwear, as I use my hand to help her out, pulling the front of the underwear, letting my dick pop out of it, then pushing it and letting it drop down my legs.

We stand, her forehead almost resting on my chin as she looks down upon my dick, swollen hard and pointing right at her. I feel her quiver inside in excitement, squeezing her legs together as she looks at. Having her look at me like this excites me even more.

She nervously lowers her hand, fingers stretched out into a flat palm as though she is going to set her hand upon a table. Her hand nears my dick, lower,  until she just touches it. She stops there for just a moment, the tingling increasing in my body and my dick feeling her touch me, just as she begins to move her hand, still stretched out flat, forward and back on my dick.

She pulls her palm back, her fingers now touching, gently caressing the taught stretching skin, sending even more chills through it, through me, such a feeling. I pull her in close as I am afraid I might explode onto her if she keeps it up, and we touch lips, kissing passionately, as I lean forward, leaning her body back onto the bed, me coming to rest on top of her.

I hold to the knot still as she tries to pull it loose. My head slightly above hers, I nibble at her nose, teasingly, ticklishly, as she nibbles at my chin. I continue down her face, kissing her cheek, kissing her chin; as she holds her head back, baring her neck, as I nibble on the tender soft flesh of her neck.

Nibbling down her neck and onto her shoulders, I give her a slight bite on her shoulder as she squeals with excitement. The tender, sensitive front of her shoulder I suckle with my lips as she pulls back with it, but lying on the bed as we are, she cannot pull it away from me as I continue  like trying to eat her up, slightly pressing my teeth into her as she tenses her body, bringing her arm onto my back as though she wants to pull me off, but clinches me in tighter as I hear her inhale hard and then go into a slow raspy moan.

I look down from where I am nibbling on her shoulder, looking upon her delicate breasts. Her nipples stand erect as I lower my mouth to the fleshy side of her breast. Pressing my lips into her her breast, it gives gently to the pressure, yet is firm. It moves as I press my mouth in, again biting gently, and again she groans in response.

Her nipple is hard and erect as I place my lips upon it, suckling gently, parting my teeth and taking her nipple between, biting down just ever so softly; I feel her body squirm beneath me, placing her hands on my shoulders as though she wants to push me away, but doesn’t. Yet her chest starts heaving as she begins to pant and moan rapidly.

My dick is pressing so hard into her hip as she reaches her hand down to tug again at the knot, but I still won’t let her as I take hold of her hand and kiss further down her torso, sliding myself off the bed, and kissing onto her tight and flat tummy. Each kiss causes her to move a little, swaying her hips one way, then the opposite direction; as I get closer to her waistline where the fabric is tied, just feeling it on my chin, she rocks her hips, reaches with her hands, one trying to grab to the knot, desperately trying to remove the fabric, and one on top of my head as she tries to push my head further down.

Kissing her on her waistline is driving her into ecstasy already as her hips sway, she moves her feet like trying to find stirrups or something to put them in. I loosen the knot, slowly pulling the fabric off the side of her hip, exposing her bare hip, yet holding my hand firmly on the front of her pelvis to keep her from removing it the rest of the way as she squirms, her hips swaying, rocking her shoulders left and right as I place my mouth onto the sensitive inner hip, lips onto bare skin, holding my free hand onto her ass; she starts to sit up in the excitement, trying to hold to my head.

I continue to dig into her hip with my mouth, both of her hands on my head as she groans loudly, throwing her head back, then bringing it back with her mouth agape and her eyes closed as a long continuous moan comes out.

I rest my cheek onto her hip, looking where I am holding onto the fabric; I move my head as I pull the fabric free, fully exposing her naked body as I slide my cheek along the silky smoothness of the hair of her bush, turning my head and sinking my mouth into her bush, feeling the hairs tickle my lips and nose.

She is fully sitting up as she firmly has both hands on my head, pushing down on my head as she pulls her legs further apart, feeling the tenderness of her vagina just pressing against my lips.

I slide my tongue out, bringing it gently to rest just on the edge of the lips of her vagina, the delicate flesh giving slightly to the touch of my tongue as I hear a continuous moan come out of her in response. I lick each fold of skin, gently, then pressing into it just a little more firmly, sliding my tongue until I feel her clit, her moaning increasing and her breath becomes even more rapid in response.

I lick her clit fully, sliding my tongue up and down on it, driving the tip of my tongue into it, her rapid moans exciting me even more as my dick presses hard into the side of the bed. I lick again down her clit,  the lips of her vagina fall open before me as I stick my tongue into her, twisting it within, curling, pressing the tip against the side of her pussy within as she lays back down upon the bed, her arms still stretched out, but she lets go of my head, like she doesn’t even have the control of her arms anymore in her excitement.

Her body, the paleness of her skin, the contours of her features like they are sculpted into the flesh, like a beautiful marble statue, yet soft and supple, her movements, swaying, shoulders dipping and rising, the tensing of her abdomen, her hands move wildly toward and away, like an interpretive dance; it is a dance of total ecstasy her body does upon the bed, her body is art in motion as she excites me so, my dick is so hard, feeling it build within I want put it in her, share everything I have with her in this very moment.

I rise from my knees, my dick so hard.  I lean my body between her spread legs, feeling my dick just slide into her bush. She reaches down with her hand, placing it on top my dick, rubbing gently on it. Her touch, her fingers caressing, holding on my dick, like they belong there; she sets me on fire, tingling from my balls rushing to the very tip of my dick.

There is a synchronous moment, like we can read one another as she begins to push my dick down her bush, feeling that soft silky hair rub so gently on the sensitive underside, as she guides it toward her vagina, just the same moment I am thinking of moving it there.

With her hand on top of my penis, I reach out with my hand and place it on top of hers, and together we push my dick down, between her legs, the tip just grazing the tenderness of her clit as she moans in response, as I feel such a sensation within my dick like every part of it is so excited to be going into her.

Like it is a perfect fit, pushing the head of my dick onto her vagina, the lips of her pussy spreading like as though they are the lips of her mouth parting in anticipation of something appetizing going in, the head of my dick tucks itself right in just like it belongs. With my dick inside her vagina, we both move our hands as I lean into her, pushing my penis down deep into her,  snugly it fits as it swells within, her vagina feels like the softest flesh I could possibly feel as it surrounds and holds to my dick.

She squirms yet again, but something is different in her body’s reactions, and in mine. She is excited, ecstatic, but she seems so fulfilled; I can only guess as this is how I am feeling and yet I see what I feel in her eyes, in the way her mouth falls open, in the way she looks at me.

I push into her as deeply as I can go, so wanting to be a part of her, as she is taking in a part of me, joined together we are, symbolically and physically, each thrust, every moment I feel her tender flesh within tensing around me; the beat of her heart, the moan in her breath, the movement of her body, all intensified, all vibrate deep within her, and into me.

Within her I swell, she tightens around me, each movement in and out rises a force within me, a force which begs to be with her. I push harder, with each push going a little deeper as it grows more, stretching within her, the skin becoming so tight that I feel it even trying to rise within her, pushing into her flesh that much more.

Our movements synchronize as she throws her hands to the bed, pushing with me, pulling with me, as my dick moves in and out of her tightening vagina in a rhythmic beat matched with our hearts, and as our hearts increase their beats so do we increase the rhythm.

It’s like a rod, coming from the base of my dick, sliding its way within to the tip. I hold that force pressing at the tip. Each motion of my dick going in her, her hips thrusting into me, the speed increasing with our hearts which are racing as pressure builds in behind the pressure I am already holding in.

I tense every muscle it feels like. I clench my fists as she holds to the bed cover with a death grip. My stomach is tight as I feel the muscles reaching down to my dick as I hold it back. My toes curl as I feel her legs tighten, both of us letting out loud moans.

My dick has filled from the tip to my balls, the pressure so intense that I tighten my stomach muscles so much it feels like I’ve been punched in the stomach, but I don’t want this to end, the pleasure is so much as we thrust our bodies together, both of us moaning, sweat pouring off our bodies, while it feels as though the tip of my dick is going to push its way off as I let as out an incredible and forceful groan, almost screaming, as a stream forcefully exits my dick, spraying deeply into her as she screams in response. I inhale deeply and let out another loud groan as again a stream forcefully runs through my dick,  spraying wildly out the tip and into her twisting, arching, moaning body.

The groans and screams, the feeling of that warm liquid pushing its way out of my dick, seeing her eyes roll back as she takes it in, quivering within and feeling it within my dick. Each release, each wild motion of her body, each scream coming from me and her all meld into a moment of excitement, of ecstasy, in which of awareness of time, of self, of each other, of even consciousness does not exist as this moment we are one of pure shared intensity.

As realization has set in and the moment has passed, I still hold to her, lying on that bed, her eyes seem to drift, yet she looks at me, that longing look I so miss, I so want.

I pull my dick out of her and climb into bed with her, laying down beside  her as she rolls over, facing me as we look into each others eyes. No words are spoken, I just place my hand on her face, stroking the contours of her face, feeling her damp hair gently brushing the back of my hand.

She lies with me. Before me is a beautiful woman lying naked beside me, and in all the excitement with has come to pass, all the fulfillment, a fantasy carried out in every moment as it was conceived, and in this very second all I can do is look into the eyes, the right eyes, of the right girl, the girl I love.


This is the paradigm of consciousness in the perception of time as we mark the path we have moved along in the breadcrumbs of days and weeks and months; for time does not come with such calibration as we give it.

We are not so removed from the skies above and the earth below. As are the seasons of nature are the seasons of us. We have beginnings and middles and ends in our lives, and as in our days so do the events in our lives have these very same seasons.

I stand here,  in the alley,  just staring into emptiness as I feel the coolness of the air which has crept in. The warmth which embraces one has passed in the evening of days, the light flitted away, and in this same darkness of night the stinging of the beads of cold rain as it begins to beat down on my body. The cold front has moved in; there is no more warmth…to hold…or to have hold.

I stand here in remembrance, in fantasy and imagination, of shattered hopes of a chance meeting, a meeting with no purpose other than the desire to fill these arms and feel a heart beat within them.

Empty though are my arms. The only leftovers in this place is simply a part of me. Empty for some time now has been the storage unit; no books against the wall, no daybed, just a desperate wish for something that couldn’t possibly have any meaning; for somehow,  some chance,  just to see her again…and all I can do is hopelessly imagine.

These are the memories locked in this place, locked into her and into me as I stare into the open door of the empty storage unit, looking as empty as my heart feels.  I feel the cold rain stinging as a season of cold has me in its grips.

Tears stream down my face as I can no longer hold back, yet the pounding of the rain, the sound of it, covers the sounds of my tears, my crying, as it echoes out of the storage unit, echoes out of my heart…echoes out of empty spaces.


The End


Copyright 2012 by Dos Cleve