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In the Office After Dark

At the last job I had, my boss was a woman who was pretty hot, about ten years older than me, but just never friendly from day one.  I don’t know what it was, but I never hated her, she just kind of wanted to be hated.  I worked in a tech support job where we answered phones from angry customers all day, and there were some perks but it really could drone on.  My direct manager Cindy was divorced, definitely pretty, with very brown eyes and she just was not a person who talked a lot, or looked for ultimatums in any fashion.  We worked on a line of five people and when she left at five pm every night I stayed until 9pm.  I did enjoy the way she looked in her pleated skirts and whenever I made small talk with her it was so forced, she just really had no finesse at all so I shrugged it off and continued to work as best I could.  She would not cross my mind for days at a time but sometimes when she would lead group meetings on how to do our job better she would get a little stern, and stressed and it was really appealing to me when her cleavage would pop out just a bit and she would use the pointer on the overhead projector.

Over the next 9 weeks or so summer hit and we took on a new client, the workload increased and we hired two new employees.  I hardly ever talked to Cindy, I was good at my job, and the moments when I hated it most, she was gone at night, and I just tried to kick back and wait until I got home to crack a few beers and forget about the day.  One day she came over to my desk and was just leaning up against it for a very long time.  It was at a peak volume of call hour and she just started slowly rubbing her hand along my back right in front of everyone.  Cindy was one of those women that some people probably thought wasn’t sexy but then all of a sudden at certain times became the sexiest thing you have seen.  As soon as she started rubbing my back, I instantly became hard and I honestly did not want to have sex with her, I just felt uncomfortable because all of my fellow teammates were witnessing this.

They were vaguely entertained, but still plodded on.  She then sat on my desk, kicked her shoes off and just started making small talk about the weekend and said that she really liked my collared shirt.  This kind of attention was really irresistible, she had switched from being a touch crass and all about business to just letting the spring bloom and not giving a crap about work stats or anything.  It was the first time I had really seen her laugh, and not seem so introverted.  I had never been in a position at work where I had a boss interested in me, and there was no alcohol, no social lubrication, just a workplace where people get stressed and her body looming above and beside me.  This was one instance where I barely knew someone, and they were already kind of up on me and there was nothing other than body chemistry, she seemed a bit awkward and contempt, but still utterly sexy.

She whispered to me that she was going to come back and check on the web server and the happenings around the office at 9pm.  There would only be one other person in the small building at that time, on their way out.  It was really interesting to watch her transform with the oncoming spring, she was just all giggles and obviously may have been getting ready to leave this job for all the crap they piled on her with unforgiving clients.  At that instant all I pictured was leaving the incoming callers forever and bending her over the desk, hiking her skirt up high with her panties down around her knees, or her slowly stripping while I sat in my office chair.

During the next three hours I was like a nervous wreck, and paid no attention to the calls I got, just giving them the usual spiel and business runaround.  Was she just up for flirting, or sex? For someone that I saw every day and used to not think about much, after her sitting up on my desk wiggling her feet around with crossed legs while she talked to me, all I could think about was her ripping her clothes off.  It had been a while since I had sex, and if this was going to happen, I was probably even willing to lose my job over it.  She had very dark black hair, and reminded me of a hot woman from the 1960s.  It was the curve in her hairstyle, and the sexy slit in her dresses.  I had a huge boner just thinking about her even sitting on my lap.

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