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Teacher Fantasies | Pressing Flesh

Teacher Fantasies

After Class

Today I had a crazy day at school! Besides stupid fights, nothing spectacular ever happens. Being a senior is stressful enough, and all I want is to graduate and get out of this place. I don’t know why, but 6th period is always the longest class. However, for some reason my teacher, Ms. Adorn, seemed to be in a rush. I didn’t mind, hell I was rushing with her! It was a little unlike her since she’s nerdy and seemed to spend most of her time in the classroom. She’s 26 years old, tall and curvy, but always covered up with sweaters. She has long eyelashes that hide behind her glasses, and wears her hair in a bun every day. What a granny.

Before the bell could ring, Ms. Adorn dismissed us 5 minutes early. It was like an instant reflex, because when she made that announcement I jumped out of my seat before she can finish telling us. I rushed out and walked down the hall until I noticed I didn’t have my phone in my pocket. “Aw shit!” I said, and turned around and walked down the now empty hall. As I neared the classroom, I heard a loud THUD. I slowly approached the door, began to open it, but it slammed shut as if someone pushed it closed. I looked through the window on the door and seen Ms. Adorn with her back against the door, kissing a PE teacher, Mr. Mayers. Afraid of being seen, I quickly ducked. What the hell is going on here?

I took another peek through the window and seen Mr. Mayers, kissing and sucking on Ms. Adorns neck. Soon, she took him by the hand and led him to her desk. She shoved everything off of the desk and pushed Mr. Mayers on top of it. As she climbed on top of him, I can see her pink, laced panties from under her skirt. She pulled off her shirt, let down her bun, and let her wavy hair lay down her back. She tossed her glasses on the floor and revealed her sexy eyes. I couldn’t believe this was happening!

Mr. Mayers removed her bra, and licked and sucked her large breast until her nipples got red and hard. She stood up and removed her skirt while he quickly took off his shirt and slacks. I couldn’t believe I saw Ms. Adorn in nothing but panties and high heels. I wish I was Mayers as I watched him glide his hands up and down her soft curves, gripping and caressing them. He picked her up and sat her on the desk. I watched her lay on her back and spread her long beautiful legs.  He began to lick and suck on her neck. Then he rolled his tongue between her breasts, down to her smooth belly, and onto her red, hot vagina. I watched her face expressions change as she moaned and grinded her teeth. He began slowly fingering her, and then with two fingers, he began to speed up the motion.  It must’ve felt good, because she began to grip is hair and moan louder and louder. I looked around; almost sure someone had heard her sex cries.

Once I noticed I was the only “Peeping Tom”, I turned back to the scene and seen Ms. Adorn now on her feet with her hands on her desk. Mayers bent her over, and shoved his penis in her. She arched her back and looked back at him as he thrust inside of her. “Deeper!” she cried. He set one foot on the desk, while the other was still on the floor, and gave her a deep thrust. She shouted as he kept giving her more of what she wanted. They grinded and sweated until they decided to change positions. Mr. Mayers sat on her desk chair, and with her back faced to him, sat on his lap. They both sighed with pleasure. I saw her grind on his pole as if she were a stripper who happened to luck up on a teaching job. She was good! She stood on her feet and bounced her ass on him, repeatedly. Mayers laid his head back, moaning and telling her “Fuck me, baby”. When she got bold enough, she lifted her feet off of the floor and onto his thighs. I could even hear their skin slapping as she jumped up and down on his lap. When she started to get tired, he kept penetrating her moist opening from under her. She gripped his arms, almost scratching them, and her knees began to shake. He lifted her up, slightly, and continued giving her his stick. He went harder and faster until she suddenly shouted “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!”

As intense as it was, Mr. Mayers wasn’t finished. He picked her up and laid her back on the desk. Facing her, he gave her a kiss and began to dive his penis back inside of her. Grinding deep, he whispered things in her ear. I couldn’t tell what he was saying, but I can see Ms. Adorn with her eyes closed and biting her lips. He lifted her legs and stretched them onto his shoulders. He started smashing her juicy pussy, making sure she got every inch of his cock. She shouted so much, he had to cover her mouth. “Take this dick”, he said as he continued to give it to her.

The scene had me so stuck in a trance that I had no idea I was leaning on the door, until I fell through! Startled, they jumped up and turned my direction. “You little, sneaky bastard”! Mr. Mayers yelled as Ms. Adorn hurried to retrieve her clothes. What can I say? I was just as embarrassed as them. When I rushed over to grab my phone, my visible penis was hard enough to hit a home run. I quickly exited the room and made my way out of the school.

The next day, I arrived to class nervous, yet a lot more interested in Ms. Adorn. When she called my name during attendance, she glanced at me with a bit of shame in her eyes. I gave her a smile and a wink, and she quickly turned away did her job as if I were not there.

But ever since then, I couldn’t wait to go to 6th period. Too bad I’m a senior, and school’s almost over.

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First Time with Teacher

She offered me some tutoring, but I wanted something more.

I’m still wondering what is so great about high school. My parents have told me that it will be some of the best years of my life.

In my school, I’m surrounded by jocks, nerds, and dumb blonds, and I don’t necessarily mean girls. It seems like everybody is special, or at least thinks they are, and has been laid, or at least says they have.

I haven’t been laid. I notice the girls, but any that notice me don’t want to do it.

Mrs. Green, my math teacher; now she’s hot, a pretty lady with long blond hair. Some of the guys think she is a tubby, but she just wears loose fitting clothes; I think the school does not want her showing off her figure. I know she has a good figure; not only have I seen her, when she didn’t notice, leaning back against her desk where I could see that she has a thin waist and big tits, but I know where she jogs and her jogging outfit fits tightly, and god what a body.

Ever since I saw her jogging, seeing what a body she has, I get so hard just from sitting in her class and fantasizing about her naked, doing things to me. I walk out of her class every time holding my books in front of my pants; I think I’m going to need a bigger book.

She has been paying more attention to me, but for my grades; I spend so much time fantasizing about her that I can’t keep my mind on my work. She has offered to tutor me all this week to help get it up…I mean help get my grade up.

The first two days of tutoring were after class. Yes, it’s helping, but I’m still having difficulty keeping my eyes off of her. I’m so nervous around her; staring at her every time she’s not looking, more specifically at her tits.

The third tutoring session was on a Wednesday night, and at her house. She answered the door wearing jeans and a t-shirt, a wife beater or tank top more specifically; I think I spurt a bit in my underwear. I spent the entire lesson with my legs crossed; it was so hard it hurt.

Whenever she would stretch, her tits just wanted to come out of that t-shirt; and I so wished they would rip right through. My eyes were so wide that evening; her jeans just formed to her ass. She smiled a lot at me; I think that was part of the torture. By the time I left, I don’t know if I learned anything except to wear more absorbent underwear.

Today, Friday, is the last tutoring session. I arrive at her home where she answers the door, this time wearing a long white dress with a zipper all the way down the front. She has the place set up differently than before, and asks me to sit on the sectional, rather than at the kitchen table.

She sits beside me and starts telling me that this will be her last week at this school. It seems her husband has been out of town getting a new home for then because he has been transferred at his job. She asks me about what I do for fun, if I have any girlfriends, just conversational stuff.

She keeps looking at me intently with her eyes. She glances down at my crotch every now and then, as I am trying to keep my hard-on a secret, but I don’t think I am succeeding, I think she knows.

She stands up and reaches her hand out to take mine. I am hesitant about standing up because of my hard-on. She looks down at my crotch again and smiles.

“Don’t be embarrassed,”, she says, “it’s flattering.”

She pulls me to my feet and leads me by the hand down the hallway, toward the bedroom. She takes me into the bedroom and pushes the door to behind her; I am so excited that it feels like my dick wants to explode while my body tingles and my skin feels like its on fire. I can barely speak.

She sets me upon the bed and sits beside me.

“Are you nervous?”, she asks.

“Uh..buh…no..no..okay…yeah;”, I somehow mutter and stutter out, “but I’m really excited.”

She stands up and turns to face me. She reaches for the zipper on her dress and begins pulling it down. I can see the sides of her bare tits through the opening in her dress as the zipper passes and continues down. As she pulls the zipper further down to her stomach, her tits are bulging the dress open even more. Further down and I can see her blond pubic hair; I think I’m going to pass out.

She finishes pulling down the zipper as it releases the dress fully and she just lets it fall off her naked body. She stand here completely naked, those big tits dangling just in front of me, her blond pubic hair is so clean and standing alert. I squirm in excitement with my mouth hanging open; she reaches and takes hold my chin as she gently pushes my mouth closed, giggling as she does so.

I have never felt this sensation in my pants; I don’t know if I’m more impressed or scared by what it’s doing. It feels electric while other parts of me feel numb. She kneels down before me, takes her hands and undoes my belt. She starts from the bottom of my shirt and unbuttons it, slowly, too slow, until I take over, fiddling with the buttons, trying to get it off of me quickly, until I just rip it off.

I hear the zipper on my pants going down before I realized she was unzipping them, and I don’t know what that sound is that just came out of me, sounding like a cooing baby. I so feel like I am going to go off like a hose even before my pants am off; I am tensing so tightly to hold it in. I raise my butt off the bed as she pulls my pants down and then off. I then lie back on the bed as she gently pushes me down with her hand while those big tits dangle over top of me.

I kept staring at her tits as I feel her grab onto the front of my underwear. She pulls up on the underwear until my dick frees itself, popping up straight at her, then she pulls my underwear completely off as my dick stands so straight and hard.

She takes my dick gently in her fingers. I can feel something coming as she leans in and places her mouth around my dick. Oh, the sounds I am making as she pushed her mouth down on my dick. Up and down she goes with her mouth, stroking it with her hand as well, feeling such a sensation coming forth; just now she pulls her mouth away from my dick, still stroking it with her hand, as I let loose of a onrush of pleasure pushing out of my dick, spraying all over her. I spray cum in her face, her hair, and and all over those yummy tits.

“Was…was that too soon?”, I ask.

She laughs and says “A little, but you’ll get better through the night.”

Oh I am so excited that we are going to do it again; so excited that I actually spurt again.

She takes my hand and stands me up off the bed; then leads me to the bathroom. She turns on the shower and climbs in, then holds back the curtain and motioned for me to come in.

The water pours down her body as the steam rises in the shower, her body glistening. She stands under the shower head completely drenching herself then picks up a bottle of shampoo and squeezes it out into my hands. I begin rubbing the shampoo into her hair, her tits pressing into my chest as I do so. A lather is building as the water washes the lather down onto her body, making her tits soapy as they slide on my chest squeezing the suds out between us.

She smiles at me and reaches up to the shower head with her hands, grabbing hold, and making her tits stand out more. I takes my hands and begin caressing her tits; soap is going everywhere. As the soap washes off of her tits, I lean in and began sucking on her nipples. I run my face across her tits, stopping to suck on one, then the other; I love her tits.

As she continues to hold onto the shower head, I drop down in the shower, to my knees, and run my tongue and mouth across her flat, tight stomach; nibbling at her belly button, and going further down. I put my face into her blond bush of hair and just turn it from side to side, taking it all in. I try to get between her legs, but she holds them together as she reaches down with her hands and gets me back to my feet.

We exchange places in the shower as she takes a handful of shampoo and starts washing my hair. She rinses my hair and begins to rub a lather about my chest, down my stomach, and begins stroking my dick, building up a lather. I feel it getting up again as she comes to a stop.

She looks at me and says “Save it, we’ll get to it in a minute, and we don’t want to spoil that.”

We get out of the shower and grab some towels. We take pleasure slowly patting each other dry with the towels; I particularly love fondling her tits while I am doing this, though she does point out, with a smile and a giggle, that they aren’t going to get very dry if I don’t put the towel in my hands.

My dick is already getting hard in the anticipation as she leads me back into the bedroom. She puts me onto the bed, having me lie down on my back. She crawls onto the bed, straddling me with one leg to each side, positioning herself above my erect penis. She places her hand on my penis and starts rubbing my penis against her pussy, again and again, which seems to be getting her excited, and is certainly rushing things for me.

Holding my dick, she seems like she notices something and says “Hold it back a little longer if you can.”

She then puts the end of my dick into her vagina and eases on down onto it, my dick sliding up into her vagina; I had no idea it would feel this good inside. She begins pumping up and down on my dick; I just felt something start rushing again. She continues to pump up and down on it, and forward and back, and I feet it coming again, rushing through my dick to the tip as I strain to hold it and cannot, spraying so hard up into her, but it feels so good; she continues pumping until I can’t do anything more.

I am scared, not having used a condom, and with what they said in health class as I ask her “Did I get you pregnant?”.

She smiles and says “No, silly; I’m not ovulating.”

“Is that a form of exercise?”, I ask.

It is quite a funny and interesting feeling as she, still on top of me with my dick in her pussy, starts laughing out loud; I can feel the movement of her body, the shaking from her laughter, going through my dick as she laugh. I want to keep making her laugh, but I still don’t know what I said that was so funny.

She rolls off of me and rests on the bed beside me. I just cannot not take my eyes off of her body and look up and down every inch of it, which she seems to enjoy. She takes my hand and places it on her breast. I stroke her breast, running my fingers over every bit of the surface of her tit and fondling her nipple.

I want to touch every part of her body; kiss every part of her body. She rolls onto her back and raises her arms above her head like she is inviting me to do just that. I kiss her on her lips, her chin, and kiss her all the way down to her bush. Her body is trembling as I do this. I wrap my arms around her and run my hands up and down her naked flesh as I put my mouth on one of her big tits and suck and lick on it; every inch of her tit.

Oh I just can’t stop.

We both lay here and at some point dozed off in each others arms. I wake up to find her sliding her fingers up and down my hard dick; I am so excited again.

This time she rolls over onto her back, pulls her legs back and spreads them, fully exposing her vagina. I crawl between her legs as she takes hold of my penis with her fingers and puts it in the right position for me to push it into her pussy.

I push in; what a feeling. I thrust with my hips, in and out; a rapid humping motion. She squirms about, reaches for the headboard as I continue to push, then brings her arms back down and grabs my hands and holds hands with me as I push harder and she thrashes her head and chest up and down; moans and groans come from her increasingly as I get into it more and she thrashes about more violently, seriously putting a grip onto my hands.

With each movement in and out, her big tits bounce around violently; oh I love seeing those tits bounce. She holds to my hands, but then lets go and throws her arms above her head again, pushing against the headboard this time as she begins to scream and shake.

I feel that rush again as I hold it in as much as I can, tensing up every muscle in my body, holding it in, getting so excited with fucking her and watching her body twist and bounce in pleasure when suddenly she arches her body back, almost having the top of her head on the mattress, letting out one long scream, I let loose of everything I was trying to hold in, erupting into her in one powerful stream after another as she continues to pull me into her with her legs until I feel like I am completely dry and she cannot move any more.

I want to keep my dick in her pussy and just keep going again and again as I just look over her beautiful body all over again as she gazes at me through half shut eyes, staring at me intently.

We had continued through the rest of that weekend. that was Friday night and she did not have to leave until Monday. We never put on a stitch of clothing; we ate breakfast and dinner off of each others bodies and I watched her cook in the nude. A weekend like that would never come again, I felt, in my life.

She had said that we could not continue and she had decided to have sex with me because her husband had cheated on her and she kind of wanted to get back at him, but wanted to do it with somebody who would appreciate it; and being a teacher, she tried to not have fantasies about her students, but she really did want to do it with a student; and she said I was not just a choice, but she really wanted to do it with me.

The whole time I stared at her naked body and touched her all over, and at one point she even let me between her legs as I kissed her all over. She said the attention was a turn on for her; that staring at her and touching her in no way made her uncomfortable, but that she wanted every bit of that attention.

She has moved away now, as I sit in my math class with the new teacher; I’m not really finding the gray hair, wrinkled skin, or 200 pound weight to be much of a turn on. Mrs. Green really set a standard for me; I experienced every bit of a beautiful, full, mature woman, and even though my improved confidence since has gotten the girls to notice me more, girls just don’t compare to the woman that Mrs. Green is.

I’m sitting here holding my graded math test in my hands. I haven’t looked at it yet; I can’t get my mind off of Mrs. Green, that weekend, or how much I still want her. I dream about it every night, and change my underwear every morning.

I look at my test score. I see a big red D. I just can’t help but breaking out in a smile; wow, my grade did improve.


The End


Copyright 2010 by Dos Cleve


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