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Slippery When Wet | Pressing Flesh

Slippery When Wet

Private Pool Party

We had always played around, Brook and I.

Carl and Brook had been a couple, and friends of mine, since high school. Interestingly I was the one responsible for getting them together, even though at the time I had a crush on Brook.

Since those rather fateful high school years, they had gotten married and I have remained friends with them. Brook and I often kidded around about being lovers, much to Carl’s amusement. Carl is quite confident in himself and it shows in his accomplishments; his career, his home, and most notably the woman he married which was his first great accomplishment.

I am on my way to visit with them tonight; this hot summer evening. Brook had called, goading me into coming over, and I just can’t seem to refuse when she asks; which is probably why Carl always has her call me when he wants me to come over…the bastard.

I pull my car into the driveway and drive around back of the house by the Florida room where the indoor pool is. I don’t see Carl’s car in its usual spot, but I did catch a glance of Brook, as I drove around, looking out the door of the Florida room, then disappearing back inside, leaving the door open.

I get out of the car and walk into the Florida room. I see Brook lying beside the pool on a towel looking great in her bikini. Looking at my street clothes, she stands up and says “That looks too uncomfortable for this evening.”, and catches me off guard as she pushes me into the pool.

My clothes don’t feel so well completely soaked, not to mention that they are not helping me to stay afloat in the water. I remove my shirt and playfully toss it at Brook.

She catches it, hides it behind her, and says “Hmmm…keep going.”

I am both excited and a bit confused as to what is going on this evening, but Brook has always had more than a little control over me, and she knows that.

I remove my shoes, one by one, and socks too; tossing each onto the deck of the pool. Each time she goes to it to pick them up, cradling my clothes in her arms; standing there waiting for the next item.

I happily oblige her by removing my pants and tossing them at her feet; which is where I feel I already am, and desire to be.

She picks up the pants, still cradling my clothes in her arms, and gives me a coy look, almost a little pouty with a bit of a grin as she says “What? Nothing else you want to get rid of?”.

The way she says stuff really has a way of turning me on, and this one moment so excited me that my dick is nearly ripping my underwear off as it is getting so hard. Oh, god, it feels so good to pull it out of these confining underwear, pull them off of me, and toss them to Brook as she catches them midair, with a smile while just slightly running her tongue along her lips.

She casually saunters over to a deck box poolside and teasingly takes my clothes piece by single piece, dropping them into the box; she takes her sweet time doing this. The last piece she throws into the box is my underwear; then she walks to the edge of the pool motioning for me to come to her.

I swim over to the edge of the pool just as she dives into the pool, lunging over top of me and landing behind me. I spin around to see her, but she does not surface immediately; and when she does, she is several feet away.

She keeps her distance as I see her fiddling with something. She crosses one arm over her chest, bringing the other arm up, holding the bikini top, then launches it out of the pool onto the deckside. She wriggles a bit, then her arm comes up holding her bikini panties, and she tosses those onto the deckside.

I always had fantasies about Brook in high school; and frankly, every day since. I see this fantasy becoming a reality as she wades toward me in the water; getting closer, then swimming back a bit, like she wants me to chase her and catch her.

Being on the swim team in high school, she’s a much stronger swimmer than I am, and she is going to play that card making me do the work. I lunge forward as she splashes back, then she giggles, and comes just a bit closer, but just out of arm’s reach.

We continue this aquatic dance a few more times; her giggling continues, but also evolves into an anticipatory lip biting as she is getting turned on, while my dick has been trying to figure out a way to grow the length of this pool just to reach her, or so it feels that way.

This time, she lunges forward, grabbing me by the shoulders, using the buoyancy of the water to straddle just atop my dick, with it between her legs; I can feel her vagina resting atop my dick. The natural buoyancy and her position having her a little higher in the water than me has her luscious tits in my face, as I begin to suckle them; licking them, every wonderful inch of them, and nibbling on her nipples.

Sucking and nibbling on her tits is exciting her as she grinds my dick with her legs; oh, I can so feel the warmth of her vagina, and I want in so badly. She then pushes away suddenly and disappears below the surface of the water.

I knew Brook is a good swimmer, certainly talented in the water, but I had no idea about what was going to happen next as I feel her take my dick in her hand, stroking it as though it were not already hard as a rock, and it is, then putting it in her mouth, pursing her lips around it, and moving her head back and forth, about to suck everything out of it.

My dick wants to explode; I can feel a rush coming forth, so wanting to get out, but she ceases with the sucking just as she feels it, and clamps onto the end on my dick with her fingers, just below the head, to keep me from getting off, and brings her head above the water.

Brook holds my dick and leads me to the edge of the pool where we can walk out using the steps. She leads me by the dick like someone would lead a dog by the leash, to a poolside bed of sorts, where she lay upon her back, motioning me to do exactly what I had so wanted to do for so long.

She lie upon the bed, a pillow just under her lower back causing it to arch and her tits to stand out even more. She looks upon me, staring deeply into my eyes. I don’t even have to look beyond her eyes to know that her legs are moving apart.

Even with what has gone on this evening so far, my anticipation, as well my dick, are growing that much more with each and every inch I move closer to her, between her legs and closer still. I can feel the soft ridges of her vagina on the tip of my dick; sweat pouring from me, my heart racing, as I push my dick into her.

She lets out a gasp. I reach and grab hold to her hands. I thrust my dick in and out of her with her hands clenched in mine. The motions swinging the bed. Her body throbbing with each motion, her tits shaking up and down; that look in her eyes as she vocalizes her orgasm, adding to my moment as well.

The flow is building again and she is not going to be able to stop it this time. I feel it rushing to the tip of my dick; so much pressure. I’m trying everything to hold it back as Brook is thrashing about and almost to a scream now. I can no longer hold it as I erupt inside of her; not like just any time before, but time and time again with each thrust I feel it spraying like a stream coming out of the end of my dick and going deep within her, until in one last final push I give her everything I have left including an accompanying scream I had no idea I could make.

I lie here holding her quivering body. I recall her having told me, in private conversations, about how mechanical Carl is. He gets off, but doesn’t do anything for her.

Her face is buried into my chest; she is trying to catch up with her breath. We are both exasperated, and fulfilled. I may not be Carl, have his career, his home, or as nice of a car, but I took Brook places he never will.


The End


Copyright 2009 by Dos Cleve


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It’s not necessarily like I belong in this neighborhood; gated community with their high fences and roaming security, but I need to drop something off for Tony. I always get a little nervous when I go by their house, Tony and Louise. Louise is always flirting with me; not like I don’t appreciate it as she is a very attractive woman, and not like Tony is an exciting fella, too caught up in…well whatever the hell he does.

Standing here talking to myself because, once again, he is obviously not home; I should charge him for wasted time, I’d make a fortune. I don’t see Louise’s car here either. I walk around to the side to see if he left the door unlocked…I hear water running…something like that…from the back yard.

The gate is unlocked so I open it and look through to see Louise standing there in bikini bottoms and a cutoff t-shirt…oh yeah…I think she’s washing the car too…somehow that part escaped me for a moment.

Louise looks at me and smiles as she says “Grab a sponge and start rubbing.”

“You…or the car?”, I reply back; I’m not normally this forward with her.

“Whichever you prefer.” she says.

I walk up to her, notice a bucket of soapy water by her feet, and another sponge in it. I pick up the sponge, glancing, oh hell, glaring at her as she leans in to the car to slather it with soap; damn she has a nice ass. Loiuse is an attractive woman, golden blond hair, but I don’t get to see her quite in this state of…undress; her tummy is showing and is flat, her ass is nice and curved, and I always knew she has a nice rack.

She stands back up from the car, soap sticking to her tee. She pulls the running hose up to her tee, holding it upward as she places her thumb on the spout causing a spray of water to go all over the top she is wearing, soaking it in water as it becomes obvious she is wearing nothing under that tee and the wet fabric clings to her bare breasts beneath.

She stands in front of me, smiling, as she holds the sponge, a big round carwash sponge, to her bikini bottoms, right in front. She pulls the ties on one side on the bottoms, making it come loose, then on the other side, completely loosening her bottoms as she pulls them out to the side and drops them to the driveway below; standing there now, naked from her tee down as she holds the sponge in front of her.

“Are you going to use that sponge?” she asks.

She stands there, me walking slowly toward her, as she begins to rub that sponge in a circular motion on her bush and hip, lathering herself about, then she pulls that hose back up to her top, letting that water just pour onto her tee, spilling down onto her below, as she tosses the sponge aside, standing in front on me with water running all the way down her front as suds gather and pour off her bush.

I pull my polo shirt off over my head, throwing it to the driveway, kick off my shoes, realizing a bit late this driveway is wet as I peel off my wet socks, and unbutton the top of my jeans.

She stands there, still holding that hose, putting it above her head as the water pours down and soaks her hair, and continues to run down her body, rendering that tee as barely a covering as her tits clearly show through the wet fabric, her nipples hard from the cold water pouring on her.

I step closer to her while she holds that hose above her head, glancing down into my open jeans. She drops the hose as she steps to me, water dripping from every part of her body. She folds her arms, taking hold to that drenched tee, pulling it up, her tits sliding out of the wet fabric clinging to them, jiggling so beautifully as they break free. She pulls the tee over her head, holding her arms stationary for a moment as she smiles at me staring at her tits, then she flings the wet tee onto the driveway.

She steps into me, her tits pressing against my bare chest as I place my hands around to her back, sliding them down onto her ass, caressing her. I feel her hands sliding into my pants, into my underwear as she slides them slowly, caressing along my hips; if my dick wasn’t hard enough already looking upon her naked body, it is trying to get out now and she feels it pressing against her.

She turns me about with her, then pushes me back as I feel the car directly behind me, leaning me onto my back on the hood of the car, and as I come to rest, her hands still in my waistline, she pulls down on my pants and underwear, sliding them down my legs, freeing my dick from them as it bounces about in response as she continues pulling my pants and underwear down and off my feet.

I lie here on the car hood, my dick standing at attention, her looking down at it, taking it in her hand and she begins to gently rub her fingers up and down on it, sending feelings of excitement through my loins.

She leans into me, still holding onto my dick, as she places her lips upon my chest, nibbling at my nipple, running her tongue down to my stomach, twirling it in my belly button as she holds my dick to the side, going further down, nibbling on my hips, dragging her head further down, I feel her blond hair softly brushing my dick. She turns her head, her face right up against my dick, still holding it to the side with her hand as she places her lips onto the side of it and nibbles her way up; oh that feels so good.

She continues nibbling at my dick, pressing those sumptuous plump lips against the sensitive underside of my penis, pressing them into it, slowly dragging her lips up my dick, onto the head of it, pressing them firmly around, and pushing her mouth down on my dick, taking it into her mouth.

Her head moves up and down as she slides my dick in and out of her mouth. I can even feel her sucking, the pressure of her mouth trying to draw the cum out on its own. Her tongue presses against it as she moves her  head up and down. I feel pressure building; it wants to get out, but I’m not ready.

I raise up from the hood, lean forward and place my hands on her head, interrupting her, as much as I in some ways didn’t want to, and pull her mouth off of my dick; playfully she is nipping at it with her mouth like she is going to bite it or something. My dick moves from side to side in her face after having pulled her mouth off of it; she still playfully rubs her nose against it and takes a nip at it. My dick is damn hard right now and I feel like I’m going to shoot any moment.

I hold onto her, playful as she is she wants to try to playing with my dick while I am trying to keep from cumming. I pull her into me, wrapping my arms around this giggling woman, her tits pressing into chest. I stand, walking her around to the front of the car, my hard dick pressing against her bush as she wiggles, driving the tip of my dick crazy.

I put her backside against the front of the car, and lean her back onto the hood; she’s kissing me on the way down. Just taking a moment, my body pressing against her’s, feeling that supple flesh against mine; feeling her jiggling tits into my chest as she continues to giggle and play.

Standing up from her, her lying on the hood, her arms raised above her head as her breasts lean to her sides under their weight. I stare at her body for a moment as she smiles, enjoying it. I notice the bucket of soapy water down at my feet as I lean over to pick it up, bringing it up to where she can see it, as she gives a look of awe on her face as I lift the bucket above her, tilt it and pour a big splash of soapy water all along her body as she squeals in glee, dumping the remainder of the water onto the hood.

Her body is glistening with the water now on her. I reach, grabbing a sponge, pull it back up and place it on her belly, moving it in a circular motion as she swoons with the feeling of the sponge caressing her skin. I push the sponge along her body, sideways, up and down, and in circles, massaging her body with it, building that soapy water into thick froth of foamy suds lathering her naked body; her head moves from side to side as she begins to moan in enjoyment.

Those tits are too tempting as I lay the sponge to the side, placing my hands on her ribs just below her breasts, moving them up on that now soapy skin and placing my hands upon her tits. I cup her tits in my hands, slowly, gently moving them, stroking her tits as the lather between my hands and her flesh builds. I place my thumbs on her nipples, pressing, pushing against them as her moans increase; she places her hands behind her head, pushing her tits up even more, her body sways in excitement as her tits move in my hands.

I run my hands along her soapy, glistening body as more and more of her skin is covered in a lather of soap. The massaging of her skin, the soap against her flesh, she is moving her body, slowly her hips sway from side to side. I cannot take my hands from her body that easily as I continue to push my hands up onto her tits, her hands coming from behind her head as she grabs to my hands, moving them in in circular motions on her tits. I move my hands down her body as she continues to stroke her tits, pushing them together at the lather oozes out from between, then apart, moving them about, playing with her own nipples.

I have her body covered from neck to her hips in a frothy, soapy lather, as I massage her moving hips, my thumbs pressing into them, driving her to move her body about even more, pushing down into her bush, building a lather as I stroke the hairs between my fingers.

Touching her body, watching her sway in excitement, my dick feels like it wants to explode. With her body on the hood, continuing to stroke her own tits, I brings my hands down her thighs, hold to her knees and pull them apart, sliding her a little further down on the hood as she comes into contact with dick, feeling the lips of her vagina pushing against it.

I slowly push the swollen head on my dick into her vagina, slowly pushing it all the way in as she arches a bit, her moan is now louder. I grab to her hips and begin thrusting my dick in and out of her pussy as she begins to rock her body side her side to side in response, her tits bouncing in the process.

To add to everything, knowing that her body is on a slick surface due to the soap, I pull on her hips, easily sliding her into me as I thrust my dick into her. She tries to grab onto something in response to the sliding but she has nothing to hold onto as she places her hands down on the hood, throwing her tits up even more.

I have her sliding rapidly, my dick going in and out of her pussy with ferocity, building into a harder, thicker rod inside of her. She tries holding her head up a bit as I continue to slide her into me and thump her back as I thrust, I can see her closing her eyes, her mouth agape, breathing hard, almost in a trance as her tits bounce wildly nearly into her face.

I feel the rush into my dick, pushing to the top as I hold it back, straining. She strains along with me, as my dick swells even more in her, becoming tighter as the thrusting becomes an indescribable feeling of ecstasy on my dick.

Her moans increase, in volume and rapidity as she lets out several loud yelps, her arms tighten as she holds them along the side of her body pushing her tits up, lather flying off of her body onto the car and me. I grunt loudly, tightening my stomach muscles, trying to tighten my dick and hold it in as much as I can and her squealing even more as she feels that in her, tightening herself even more, the pressure at  the very tip of my dick, feeling like an energy, an incredible ecstatic energy that I can no longer hold in as I let loose, spraying inside of her, thrust after thrust, one stream after another, she screams in excitement each time as we climax together.

Both of us breathing hard after an exhilarating fuck. She is reclined, very relaxed and exhausted on the hood of the car. I look at her gorgeous body covered in soap, taking it in, not believing I just fucked this woman.

I reach and pick up the hose laying on the drive as it is still running, and lift it up, letting the water pour out of it and down onto her body, suds sliding off of her flesh, leaving it wet and glistening as they leave.

She slides down and lets her feet touch the driveway, then she stands, walks into me, her wet flesh pressing against mine as I feel those wonderful tits pressing against my chest, my dick pressing into her wet bush.

I hold the the hose up above us, giving both of us a shower, as I look at her and ask “So…are there any more cars to wash?”


The End


Copyright 2011 by Dos Cleve



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