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Girl Next Door | Pressing Flesh

Girl Next Door

Laundry Day

I had no idea how much of a turn on doing laundry could be, before Mary showed me.

Jon and Mary had been my neighbors for several months now, in the apartment cross-cornered to mine. I never would have taken notice of my neighbors, but I certainly took notice of Mary.

I would pass both of them at different times, as they had different work schedules, going to the apartment. Mary made herself known right away as the first time I walked past her, she followed me with her eyes and gave me a smile. Jon, well, Jon would be confused if you asked him how the weather was, and it was perhaps mean to think that the reason there was no ‘H’ in the spelling of his name was to make it easier for him to spell it.

I got to know Mary fairly well by conversing with her when doing laundry on Sundays at the community laundromat. She is an attractive woman with long, dark brown hair and somewhat dark features which made me think she is part Italian, though she says she’s not.

No, I could not help but notice her features; often when she’s not seeing me looking her over, and sometimes whne she is, and giving me a smile like she approves of the attention. She is certainly well put together with a nice curvaceous ass and abundant tits as can be noticed when she is wearing her shirt unbuttoned just enough to tell. She regularly wears large sunglasses which remind me of sunglasses Sophia Loren wore, and is probably another reason why I still think she is part Italian.

I am coming home at midday, having finished with work for the most part; as I pull into my parking spot and, as it has become a bad habit of mine, I notice Mary’s car is in her spot but Jon’s is not.

I had walk up to my apartment door, almost, as Mary surprises me by getting between me and the door.

She leans back against the door, reclining and casual, and says “I’m married to a moron.”

Trying to be casual about it I reply “What did Jon do?”; yeah, that’s real smooth.

She smiles at me, grabbing my shirt with her hand, and says “He forgot to pay the cable bill and now I can’t get online because they’ve cut off the cable. You have an internet connection, right?”

“Yes, ma’am; I have the finest PCjr twenty dollars can buy.”

She smirks at my remark with her usual expression when she is trying to hold back a laugh. I reach around behind her with my key in hand trying to put it in the lock. Mary, still looking at me, grabs hold of my hand behind her and helps me get the key in.

“Do you always need help sticking it in?”, she asks, again with that smirk on her face.

“Depends on what I’m sticking it into.”, I remark.

I turn the key as Mary grabs hold of the doorknob and gives it a turn. The door opens behind her as she slides into the apartment, pulling me in with her. She closes the door behind us.

She saunters around the apartment, taking in different things as she has never been in the apartment before. She glances around at the furniture, the TV set, the computer, and she spies the singing catfish plaque hanging on the wall, and turns to give me that smirk when she is holding back a laugh.

“I’m very proud of that, I’ll have you know.”, I say with every bit of false dignity I can muster.

She walks about the apartment, looking into different rooms. She looks into the bedroom, walks into it, then walks back out; coyly leering over her shoulder at me as she turns and walks into the bathroom. She pulls back the shower curtain and looks up, noticing the massaging jet shower head, running her fingers along it.

“Ill have to try that.”, she says.

She walks back out of the bathroom, rubbing her shoulder against me, then turning into me where I can feel her breasts against my chest. She then walks back away and makes her way to the kitchen, walking through it, lightly rubbing her finger along the handles on the pots and pans, and comes to a stop as she sees the utility room.

“You have a washer and dryer!?”, she asks, somewhat stunned by this discovery.

“It’s no fun doing laundry alone.”, I tell her.

She lifts the lid of the washer and turns and smiles at me with a playful sort of smile as she pulls off the scarf she wears from around her neck and drops it in the washer. She does the same with the coat she is wearing.

She pulls me closer to her as she begins to unbutton my shirt. She begins to undo a button on my shirt and I in return undo a button on her blouse. She completes unbuttoning my shirt and slides it off, and I her blouse, and we drop them into the washer.

She reaches down to my pants; I can feel her hands on the front of my pants as I hear the sound of my zipper going down. As she works with the button on my pants, I reach around behind her with my arms to unbutton the waistbelt of the long skirt she wears. My pants and her skirt dropped to the floor in unison.

I reach around her with my arms, reaching for the fastener on her bra, but she wants to play a bit and blocks me from doing this, then pulls me close and rubs her chest up and down mine, then sliding down my body, coming to kneel on her knees, leaning her face right against my penis, so trying to rip its way out of my underwear.

She slides her hands up and under my underwear, rubbing them gently along the sensitive part of my inner hips, as she places her lips on my underwear, finding the head of my swelling penis, and proceeding to nibble at it with light little bites through the underwear. It so feels like I am going to shoot a hole through my underwear.

I pull her back to her feet, so fearing that she is going to make me erupt too soon. She holds a firm grasp onto my penis with her hand as I lightly nibble around her neck, giving her a little bite causing her to gasp and let out a purring sound.

Knowing that the washer has a rather violent spin cycle, I lean her into the washer, reaching behind her, and set the washer to fill in the shortest time possible, shutting the lid as I pull her back away from it.

My hands have a mind of their own as I discover I have already undone the fastener on her bra and eased the straps down her shoulders as she drops her arms allowing it to drop to the floor, exposing those voluptuous tits of hers with full nipples; perfect nipples.

We tease each other as I try to nibble on her nipples, and she playfully blocks her tits, slides down, moving them away from my mouth while grabbing my dick through my shorts.

This playfulness continues as I turn the games on her, reaching into the front of her panties, just ever so gently running my fingers along the inner parts of her hips, feeling her shake and gasp as I do this. Her mouth gapes open in an inviting motion as I begin nibbling on her full lips, and she on mine; all the while I keep one arm behind her and one hand in her panties continuing to massage her hip.

Her moans and gasps are increasing; I move my hand in her panties around to her full and shapely ass, and slide my other hand down her back and into her panties on the other side, having her ass in both hands, then grab hold to both sides of her panties, pulling in opposite directions and ripping them off of her.

She so tries to rip my underwear off, but doesn’t have the strength, and I am enjoying teasing her at this point by getting her legs apart and pushing my hard, stiff cock between her legs. I don’t know where she found the strength, but she has gets to her feet and is able to spin me around and pins me against the washer, with me facing out toward her as she grabs the front of my underwear with both hands and just forcefully pulls them down my legs, making my stiff penis pop up like a jack-in-the-box as it comes free from my underwear.

She goes to her knees as she pulls my underwear down, and stays there, putting her lips to the tip of my penis, kissing it, then parts her lips and snuggles them around the head of my penis, then pushing and pulling her head, taking my penis as far into her mouth as she can, time and time again. I am already feeling a rush to the head of my dick as I try to prevent her from getting me off so soon. As I try to push her head away, she gently locks down on my dick with her teeth, preventing me from pushing her free; as I relax the hold on her head, she starts again with the rapid stroking of my dick with her mouth.

This continues again as I feel the stream starting to come out the head of my dick, and I am grunting loudly with each movement of her head, as I try to hold her head to keep from getting off too soon she clamps down again with her teeth preventing me from getting my dick out of her mouth; each time I lose a few drops.

I still have hold of her head as the spin cycle begins on the washing machine. I had intended to have her on top of the washing machine; instead, the vibration of the machine is increasing the movement of her mouth on my ever swelling dick. My dick is so hard and she has her lips firmly locked around it as she keeps pushing her head in even more rapid succession, taking my dick as far in her mouth as she can get it; holding it in as much as I try, I can no longer hold it as that vacuum of a mouth of hers works in unison with the the pressure which has pushed its way to the very tip of my dick as it explodes with a force into her, streaming out like I have never felt before; with each successive motion of her mouth on my penis pulling it out with such an exhilarating feeling as I let out gasps and moans in response as such I have never heard myself make.

Feeling drained, and at least a little hoarse from the experience, I hold to her head as she rests her cheek against the penis she so easily defeated; then pull her up, hold her in my arms and walk her toward the bathroom. In the bathroom I start the water to running in the tub while she is rinsing her mouth in the sink. I lay down in the tub on my back; she looks at me with a triumphant grin, walks to the tub, climbs over me and lays down on top of me as her wonderful breasts press into my chest.

I spy the shower jet head above which she had remarked earlier that she would have to try it. I roll Mary over in the tub and reach up to remove the shower head from its bracket. She gets a big grin on her face; I can tell she is anxious with the anticipation of what I am about to do to her.

I switch the spigot to shower mode, sending a stream of water pulsing out of the shower head as I say to her “It’s happy to see you, too”.

I take the shower head, put it in its pulsating mode and slowly start running it along Mary’s quivering body; she is getting so excited by this pulsating pressure on her naked flesh. I slowly move the shower jet further down her body, keeping my leg between hers to keep her from closing them, as she tries to do.

She tenses up and moves slightly upward in the tub as I pass the shower jet over her full bush of hair. I proceed down her bush and between her legs with the shower head, finding the spot I want, her glorious clit, and set the pulsating mode to high as I place the shower jet directly on it.

Mary arches her torso back, throwing her full jiggling tits upward as her body shakes. Her hips gyrate as she thrashes about in the water. She thrusts her hips upward, brushing against my now erect penis, pushing me into excitement as I lean my head into those beautiful tits and get a mouthful of one.

She is shaking so violently in the tub of water that we could have thrown our clothes in to do the laundry. Water splashes everywhere as the tub is full of bubbles from the shower jet and Mary’s thrashing.

Mary arches her lower body upward, bringing her ass off the bottom of the tub, her leg fully pressing against my erect penis, as she lets out a long, loud moan. At this moment she reaches to push the shower jet away with her hand, then takes her arms and pulls me into a tight embrace; feeling every part of her body quivering is such a turn on as we lay here nibbling on each other’s lips.

I am not finished driving her into orgasm, though. I get out of the tub and lift Mary out in my arms. I carry her still shaking body into the kitchen, the end where the washer and dryer is.

I put her down onto her feet with her backside resting up against up against the washer. I hold onto her as her legs give; she is so weak in her legs after the shower head. I lean into her and reach around back of her to set the washer again; she moans again as my stiff dick presses into her lower abdomen.

I begin kissing her, fist on the lips, then nibbling my way down her neck, onto her shoulders, and take my sweet time nibbling from her shoulders down to her tits; I love those gorgeous tits of hers.

She is still weak in the knees as I lift her onto the washer. I sit her so that she will have to hang onto the coat rod above the washer as I am not going to do what she thinks I will.

I spread her legs; she begins quivering even more in anticipation. I stand in between her legs, nibbling on her some more, holding her close to me. I suck, lick, and bite on those tits; I want as much of her nipple, as deep in my mouth as I can get it.

Downward I move my mouth on her body, arching her back as I nibble on her abdomen. I move my head down further to her bush, moving my face side to side and up and down into it, then place my mouth down between her legs.

I gently run my tongue along her clit; this drives her wild. Her tits are heaving back and forth, and up and down as breathing and moaning increase.

As I hear the washer start to go into spin cycle, and her body starts shaking more with the action of the washer, I slide my tongue into her vagina, sticking it in as far as I can get it, running the tip of my tongue along the inner part of her vagina, digging it in.

Mary is quaking in ecstasy. I can feel her legs tighten around my head as she releases the coat rod and grabs onto my head, seemingly confused as to whether she wants to push my head away or pull it in even more. She is pushing and pulling my head into her pussy more, the machine is shaking her into my face, and I am thrusting my tongue in and out of her, running it along every bit of her vagina I can reach as her moaning increases to near screams.

Mary’s body quakes violently, coming to a fury just before I feel her go limp. She has lost consciousness. I pick her up in my arms and carry her limp body into the bedroom where I lay her body upon the bed.

I get a wet washcloth and crawl into bed with her. I gently stroke her face with the wet washcloth; her face is so flush and she feels feverish. She starts coming to consciousness. She first gasps for a few breaths, then starts rubbing her face against the wet washcloth, sort of like a puppy. She begins nibbling on the washcloth, sucking on my fingers, first through the washcloth then pulling one finger out from under the washcloth, sticking it into her mouth, and sucking it in and out of her mouth.

I start kissing Mary on the forehead, then the cheek; she smiles as she pulls my finger out of her mouth and sticks her tongue out. I place my lips onto her tongue, sucking on it as I draw it into my mouth and press my lips against hers. We alternate with out tongues, mine in her mouth and hers in mine. We nibble each other’s lips, tongue each other, and kiss longingly, deeply, working ourselves into a frenzy of passion.

I begin down her body again, nibbling on her chin, her neck, working my way down to those tits again. She never really has stopped quivering yet from the tonguing I gave her on the washer, and probably the shower head too, but it is building again for me and her moaning is increasing.

I try to move my mouth below her tits, but she holds onto my head, keeping me from going there as she gasps for breath. She spreads her legs, indicating what she wants. As I move my body into her spread legs, she places her fingers onto my already hard dick.

“You still need help sticking it in?” she says with a smirk while still breathing heavily.

She guides my penis into her waiting vagina. I play with her a while by just pushing the head of my penis in so far, then pulling back out; rubbing and driving it against her sensitive spot. She grunts as never before as I do this, tensing her arms and kicking her bent up legs.

“All the way!” she says with her words escalating into a loud moan.

I push all the way into her; again and again. She wriggles wildly on the bed, her arms shaking; she then reaches up with her arms and grabs the rungs of the headboard, holding on tightly.

With her holding onto the headboard, I lift her body off the bed, coming to my knees. She is off the bed, her body parallel to it, holding tightly onto the headboard rungs as I thrust my now steel rod of a dick into her and pull her into me forcefully at the same time, pushing my dick in deep, spreading her legs apart wildly as I do this.

The movements are wild as I pull her body into me and thrust my dick into her. Each time the headboard bangs into the wall. Her tits are moving wildly up and down. She holds tightly onto the headboard as her body writhes and twists from side to side, arching her back and thrusting her torso upward with each movement.

I am almost screaming as I hold back the oncoming eruption. It feel like I have every muscle in my body tensed trying to hold it back. I push further and harder as Mary twistes and convulses about, building to a scream, and theĀ  building pressure in my penis escalates to the tip, swelling up beyond anything I can hold anymore as it bursts out of my dick with such a release, streaming forcefully into her with a ferocity she has to feel deep inside; every last thrust, eruption, and stream I can muster, I give to her having no idea I can keep shooting it out of my dick like this and into her, feeling like I’m not going to stop, and I don’t want to stop.

Alas, as I come to a halt, giving her everything I could and more than I ever thought I could, Mary lets go of the rungs on the headboard and flops down onto the bed. I drained every ounce I could into her and wish I had more; I didn’t want to stop, ever.

I still have her legs spread apart, my dick still inside her. I just sit here and look at her. Her chest heaving with her trying to catch her breath. She still moans, her body quivers, her legs are still shaking. She is near unconscious again as her eyes roll back in her head, but she still has such a smile on her face.

We just lie here, holding each other. Hours have passed since she first arrived. I don’t know if she has any plans to go home, but I want to start all over again.


The end


Copyright 2010 by Dos Cleve


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