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College Coeds | Pressing Flesh

College Coeds

Sorority Girl

I find myself lying in bed this morning, but what strikes me as odd about this is that it is not my bed; I am relatively certain of this as the decorations about this room are mostly pink and otherwise what I would consider, girly; unless I’ve got something else to explain to myself later.

Lying on this bed with no sheet on me, it is also occurring to me that I have no clothes on. Now I am pretty certain that I did not go to a party last night, but being a college professor I would not put this past some students to pull a prank on me.

I didn’t even notice the door open as this damn attractive girl with long black hair walks up to me, looking at me with surprise; making me wonder which one of us is more surprised.

It does not help things that she is so pretty and is apparently wearing her sleeping clothes; just a gray college t-shirt that doesn’t fully come down to her waist, exposing her flat and tanned tummy, and cotton plaid shorts, interestingly just barely hanging half way down her hips, her black pubic hairs peeking out, the skin of her hips is tanned as well, and silky smooth with a sheen to her skin.

Having awakened with a morning hard on is bad enough, but having this beautiful girl in front of me, her luscious skin turning me on making me want to nibble on it as she looks upon me with wonderment as my dick is getting even harder looking at her.

I was about to say something to her, definitely not about the weather, as she begins to wiggle her hips, loosening those shorts on her as they drop to her feet; she is naked from her tummy down. Gawd what a body she has.

She leans toward me, taking the bottom of her t-shirt in both hands and pulling it up and over her head and off exposing her bare breasts; full supple breasts with nice round nipples standing firm so well. She stands before me fully naked, her body is tanned evenly, her skin has a youthful, luscious sheen to it.

My dick is so hard, I swear I’m going to piss cum out right now. I squirm as she drops to her knees looking right at my hard dick. She reaches with her hand and places her fingers upon my penis; first sliding them down, and then back up, gently and caressing, yet firmly, the feeling of her touching, stroking my dick is sending chills into my abdomen and balls.

She leans forward and I become so anxious; butterflies aren’t just in my stomach, they are busy kicking the shit out of each other. As she leans toward me, her head goes down, her lips touching upon the tip of my penis; ripples of excitement shoot from my balls and through my hips.

She opens her lips and takes the head of my dick into her mouth, wrapping firmly those lips about my dick as she slides her mouth down on it; feeling her tongue pushing against my dick, rubbing all along the surface as it goes into her mouth. She pulls her head back up, my dick seeming to go harder than it ever has as it comes out of her mouth, throbbing; I am straining to hold it in.

She climbs upon the bed, on her knees, maneuvering her legs to each side of my hips as I sit up, but she pushes me back down. Standing on her knees just above my hard penis pointing straight up at her pussy, begging to go in, she takes hold to my dick with her fingers, pushing the head of it against her clit and she begins to stroke her clit with it.

I can feel tingling from my balls to the tip of my dick as everything is wanting this and is so excited by this.

She begins lowering herself onto my dick, it pushing up into tender flesh; it feels so good going into her pussy. Rocking back and forth on it, she is bringing forth a pressure building in my dick, it is throbbing with each thrust of her hips, but I don’t want to lose it right now, so I grab to her hip, straining and holding it in.

I take hold of one arm and pull her to the bed as she rolls onto her back. I roll over, almost on top of her, my face into her tits, those luscious beautiful tits, as I place my mouth onto her nipple, swirling my tongue on it and sucking like a baby would on its mamma.

I hold to her sides as she twists in my hands; the feeling of touching and sucking on her is exciting her. I move my hands down on her as I slide down on her body, taking every bit of her flesh in, gently moving my hands down her flat tummy, onto her twisting hips, causing her to jump a bit. I relax my hands about those sensitive hips of hers as she holds her hands up and lets out rapidly repeated moans in response.

As I hold to her hips, I drop my face into her bush, running my mouth through the hair, sliding my hands down those twisting hips as I drop my chin below her bush and, panting as she is, she spreads her legs in response as I lower my mouth and nibble on her clit. She twists even more wildly as I hold to her legs to keep them spread far apart.

Beyond nibbling, I press my tongue right into her sensitive clit, pressing the tip in, twisting, as she twists her hips even more wildly, digging her shoulders in, tensing her stomach, and bringing that ass off the bed; her feet spread wide and her head and shoulders pressing into the bed is all of her body that’s touching the bed as the rest is arched like a bridge.

Taking advantage of her position, I quickly stand to my knees, maneuvering in between her legs, one leg to each side of my hips, my hard dick already knows its way in as the tip is in her vagina; I hold to her hips and pull her into my hips, pushing my dick into her in the process, and I feel something give within her.

My dick is all the way in as I pull with my hips, pushing her hips away, sliding out of her, then thrust back into her thrusting my hips forward as I pull her into me. The pumping, the thrusting becomes exhilarating, becomes wild as she thrashes about trying to find something hold to, but there is no headboard.

She continues to thrash, moaning wildly, repetitively, digging her head back into the mattress as I thrust in and out of her, pulling her into me each time. She can’t find anything to hold onto, but she is able to grab her feet and pulls back on them spreading her legs even more as I feel the pressure pushing its way forward in my dick.

I hold it in, straining, grunting, as I thrust even harder, my dick is swollen in her tight pussy as her head twists from side to side, her mouth agape as breath escapes from her body in this shrill shriek of excitement.

The head of my dick is so filled with pressure, throbbing, I strain, grunt, breath escapes from me as I let out an incredible groan with a thrust into her as from within her I spray out of my dick what feels like everything I’ve got as she digs the back of her head into the mattress, almost standing on her head. I continue to push my dick into her, spraying cum into her until I have nothing left to give and her body relaxes and she falls to the bed limp.

She lies there, swaying her head from side to side, trying to gain her strength back. I lay down beside her, looking over that luscious body again, and again….damn she has a beautiful tanned body.

I put my hand onto her breast, full and plump and soft in my hand, placing the nipple in my mouth again, running my tongue along it, kissing the gently giving skin of her breast. I know it will be a while before I can get it back up, but with a body as luscious as hers’, I want to taste every bit of it as I am waiting.

I still don’t know how I got here, or who was responsible; but when I find out who was responsible…I probably owe them money.


The End


Copyright 2011 by Dos Cleve


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Doing Mary

Mary’s first year in college, a pretty young thing just having turned 18, but she has never been with a boy, having restrictive parents as she did who prohibited subjects and studies they deemed as carnal.

Her first semester of school she befriended a lady professor at the school; a woman not too many years older than the students. By comparison the professor is quite outgoing and experienced; she is not shy about talking to Mary on subjects about sex and boys.

The professor, Linda, is quite the looker; certainly guys have their hard-ons for her, and being that this is college, they certainly have tried to get into bed with her. Linda is a blond woman with a nice rack and usually keeps a tan; she looks every bit like a beach body, even having been known, or at least rumored, to do nude sunbathing at a private club pool when she thinks nobody is watching, and even if the rumors are true, she does want them to watch.

Linda has developed an odd affinity for Mary. She is somewhat of a big sister to Mary and knows that Mary wants to experience boys, to experience being a woman, to experience sex. Mary has unfortunately had limited contact with boys and yet has a desire for things but no guidance.

This is why Linda has set up this evening for Mary. She has invited a young college boy, wrapping up his senior year and getting ready to leave. This boy, Karl, is ideal for her purpose as he will not be hanging on, he is willing but is not a playboy, and if talk holds true from the locker rooms, he is very well endowed as a man, which should give Mary a first fucking she’ll never forget.

The only thing Mary knows of this evening is that she is going to meet a boy. Linda has certainly let on that she wants to get Mary laid; though Mary has been shy about it, she has not protested.

This evening finds Linda simply dressed in a white bathrobe, her and Mary in the guest bedroom where the bedspreads have been taken off and replaced with several plain sheets. Linda has already told Mary her plans for this evening, and although Mary is nervous about it, she is also quite anxious about the prospect.

Linda wants to be playful as she leads Karl into the bedroom, her hands over his eyes, brings him to stand in front of Mary who is getting quite excited seeing the handsome fella. Linda removes her hands from his eyes and says to him “I told you; see, she is pretty”.

Karl and Mary are dressed simply; Karl wearing a t-shirt and jeans while Mary wears a single piece dress with a zipper all the way up the side. Neither is wearing underwear as per Linda’s instructions for tonight.

Karl stands in front of Mary who sits upon the end of the bed, neither of them too certain what move to make, who makes the first move, and of course both are seemingly nervous, but Linda has planned for that too.

Linda undoes the simple cord wrapping around her white bathrobe, opens the front and lets it slide off her fully naked body. Karl is surprised by this, and excited by the sight of her luscious tanned body, blond bush, and full round tits. His dick swells in his pants making it obvious that rumors are true as it makes a noticeable bulge running down his thigh.

Mary just stares at the bulge as Linda sits beside her, lifting her hand and saying “He’ll probably like it if you touch it” as Mary’s hand, at this point largely on her own, comes to rest on that bulge in Karl’s jeans as she slides her hand up and down on it.

Karl pulls his t-shirt over his head, letting it drop to the floor. He is as excited about this evening as Mary is.

“Just unbutton his pants and pull down on the zipper” Linda says to Mary.

Mary moves her hands up to Karl’s waist and begins fiddling nervously with the button on his pants, but successfully undoes it. She places the fingers of one hand on the zipper pull and rests the other hand on the front of his pants, directly on his bulge. Down she pulls on the zipper as she exposes hair, then can see the base of his penis as the zipper parts; it still runs down his leg as it is too long to come out on its own.

Mary, inexperienced, first grabs hold to it at the base like she is going to pull it out as Linda steps beside Karl and says “Drop his pants and let it come out on its own.”

Mary begins to pull down on Karl’s pants as Linda, standing naked beside Karl leaning in to his arm, her tits pressing against it and exciting Karl feeling those tits, places her hand just inside his pants and on his dick as Mary pulls down on his pants. Linda holds down on his dick until the zipper completely passes it and the pants drop to the floor. Linda then slowly raises her hand as his hard dick rises with it, coming straight up, all 12 inches of it, and pointing directly into Mary’s face.

Mary is awestruck by the size of his penis, as well Linda is too. Linda, still with her hand resting on his dick, curls her hand about it and strokes it gently, getting in a good feel of that meat in her hand. Mary reaches up, wanting to touch it, but pauses; however, before she can pull her hand away, Linda takes her hand and places it on the swelling log before her.

Holding onto his swollen dick, Mary brings her mouth up to it, presses her lips against the very tip of it like kissing it, then opens her mouth and places it in her her mouth. Karl momentarily stands on his toes as Mary is using her teeth a bit much.

Linda reaches up and grabs hold to Karl’s dick and says “Let me show you how to do this.”

Mary scoots over on the bed as Linda has Karl lay down on the bed, his hard dick pointing straight up to the ceiling as he is getting excited with the prospect of Linda giving him a blowjob.

Linda crawls onto the bed, resting her torso in between Karl’s parted legs, her breasts pressing into his thighs. She pushes back on that stiff rod, taking her fingers, twirling them on his balls, sliding her fingers along his dick, rubbing her face against it; not like she’s not enjoying this.

Linda purses her lips, parting them and placing them onto the tip of his dick. Feeling Karl shiver with excitement and tensing up his stomach muscles, she pulls her lips from his dick and says “He’s going to go any moment” and then puts her lips back onto his dick.

Linda slides her lips down onto Karl’s dick, her hand below wrapping around it in a fist. She begins to pull her head up, then pressing back down on his dick, it moving in and out of her mouth as Karl strains in response. Then she starts jacking his dick with her fist on it as she continues to suck it in and out of her mouth.

Karl groans as he strains hard, Linda feels he’s ready to go as she removes her mouth from his dick, pushing it away from her a bit as she continues to stroke it with her clenched hand, Karl giving up in a final strain, a gasp of excitement as a stream of cum shoots upward, Mary in awe at the sight and squealing in excitement as Linda continues to stroke with cum coming out with each one until it stops.

Karl is gasping from the excitement, the release, as Linda lays his dick down, just kissing the end of it as she lets go. Linda raises up from Karl and heads into the adjoining bathroom.

Mary lies next to Karl stroking his chest with his athletic build and Linda comes back into the room with two wet washcloths and a bowl of water. She hands one of the washcloths to Mary and takes the other placing it on Karl’s lower body as she begins to wipe him down, then Mary joins in, both of them wiping his stomach, his hips, Mary holding his dick in one hand and gently wiping it with other.

When they are finished wiping him down, Linda says to Mary “That’s what he is going to do inside of you…and it will feel so good.”

Karl rolls over taking Mary by the shoulders and laying her down on her back next to him. He lays on one side next to her as he runs his hand along the side of her dress, along the zipper, until he brings it to where the pull is and begins pulling down on the zipper, causing Mary to squeal and shiver in excitement.

The side of Mary’s body, her flesh, is slowly exposed along the opening of her dress as the zipper slides, until it is completely unzipped, the bottom of the dress flopping to the bed, while the dress just lies loosely on her body. Karl runs his hand along her side, touching her bare flesh as she squirms and squeals, her body tensing up as he places his hand onto the fabric of her dress, slowly pulling the dress over, sliding off the top of Mary’s body as it goes, exposing her pale skin, her firm but smallish breasts, her bare tummy, then her hips as her bush of light brown hair waves with the brushing of the fabric.

Mary lies before him completely naked, excited and tensing up; her body shakes with anticipation. Karl slides his hand along the side of Mary’s bare body, down on her hip, the sensitive flesh, the feeling causing her to twist as she lets out a more prolonged squeal.

Karl brushes his fingers through her bush as he leans into her breast with his mouth, placing his lips on her tit, Mary twisting and squealing in response. Karl begins to lick upon her nipple as he slides his hand further down her front, off of her bush and bringing a finger to rest on her clit, to which he then applies pressure with it. Mary’s body twists and shakes in response as her squeal turns into more of a yell and several gasps for breath.

Linda crawls back onto the bed, reaching for Karl’s dick just up against Mary’s hip. She begins to stroke it, trying to get it back up; of course having a sexy, luscious woman like Linda stroking his dick, it is working as it is getting hard again.

Karl comes to his knees on the bed, trying to get into position to fuck Mary. Linda places her hand on Mary’s thighs, and motions for her to spread. Mary begins spreading her legs as Karl crawls in between them. As Karl gets in right between Mary’s legs, right up to position, Linda takes hold of his dick, stroking, then taking the tip of it and teasing Mary by rubbing it against her clit, and continuing to do this as she squirms wildly, trying to put her feet on the bed more firmly, her body shakes with the stimulation of her clit, she gasps for breath just as Linda pushes the tip of his dick into her virgin vagina.

Karl begins to push his dick into Mary, then pauses for a moment as she screams “That hurts!”

Though excited by the promise of what is happening, Mary is just a bit frightened by this pain.

“It’s going to be tight, Mary.” Linda says, but it will feel good shortly, and you won’t want it back out of you after that.”

Karl begins to push with his hard dick as Mary groans and strains with that big dick going into her. Karl momentarily stops, like he came to an obstacle, then gives a thrust, and there is an immediate give as his dick sinks deep into Mary’s pussy; Mary turns her head to her side almost screaming as Karl pulls and pushes, and pulls and pushes, his dick going further into Mary with each subsequent push as Mary turns her head from side to side groaning, then starting to squeal.

Karl’s motion increases as he slides that big hard rod of his in and out of Mary, her body twisting and jolting as grabs into the air reaching for something to hold as her body is almost coming off the bed in response to the deep thrusts. She grabs hold to the headboard, pulling on it, as Karl pulls on her, the two motions combine to pull her body off the bed.

Mary is holding onto the headboard, her body not touching the bed. She twists and turns, rocks her head from side to, pushing and pulling on the headboard as Karl thrusts that big dick in and out of her. Karl strains, as does Mary, her stomach muscles tightening, as she begins to yell, but in ecstasy, her volume going up and down, much like her body twisting and bouncing up and down, almost back onto the bed and then back into the air.

Karl strains, his stomach tightening, his ass tightening as he holds back on the force building up in his dick, trying to get out. Mary twists even more violently from side to side, her arms tense as he pushes harder and she screams out loud as Karl cannot hold it any longer and he sprays deep inside of her, time and time again, with Mary letting out a gasping, moaning scream with each last thrust and stream of cum going into her until she cannot hold it together any more and her grip on the headboard fails as her body falls to the bed, her body arching back, curling, the back of her head pushing into the bed as Karl gives that one last thrust and shot of cum streaming into her as she lets out one prolonged alternating scream just before passing out.

Linda is certainly impressed with Karl’s performance to say the least as she says to him “I hope you have more left because you’re not getting out of here without me getting that in me and getting every last drop you have to give.”

Karl is so looking forward to his dick getting hard again so he can stick it into this beautiful tanned blond professor. For the time being he lays down beside Mary, on his side, his dick flopping onto her bare flesh. His eyes close as he rests from the exertion, quickly fading off into sleep.

As Karl opens his eyes, he finds himself on his back, feeling and incredible rush building in his dick. He looks down his body upon his hard dick standing at full attention as Linda and Mary are playing with it.

Both of them are pressing their lips into the sides of his dick, one to each side, each lying against a thigh, their tits pressing into his flesh, as they nibble slowly with their lips along the sides of his dick, up the stretching flesh as it hardens even more, as their lips come the head of his penis, their lips touching as they exchange tongues with each other, running their tongues along the tip of his dick as they do so; such an exhilarating moan escapes from Karl, both from the electric feeling rushing up through his penis and his excitement of what these two women are doing to each other as well.

Linda and Mary continue to press their lips onto the head of Karl’s dick as though it is an ice cream cone as they suck on it, then lick it, their tongues touching as they kiss across his penis; Karl feeling the full suction their kisses.

Karl’s stomach muscles tighten as he tries to sit up feeling a force pushing forward in his dick. Linda places her hand against his chest as she rises, pushing him back down. She straddles over Karl’s hips with one leg to each side as Mary moves aside, still holding to his dick with her hand as she pushes it between Linda’s legs as it comes to rest in the silkiness of her bush due to its length.

Linda places her hands onto Karl’s well defined abs, pushing her lower body up a little more as Mary pushes his stiff rod fully between her legs this time, the head coming to rest against the lips of Linda’s vagina as the hard dick already pushes its way in.

Linda eases her body down onto Karl’s already swollen, throbbing penis. As she lowers herself, his dick pushing its way deep into her vagina, it spreading at the force of his dick going in, she groans in discomfort and ecstasy, the two being barely distinguishable.

Further it goes into her as her body lowers, coming down and further down until she can feel his hair pressing against her. Linda begins to move her hips forward and back, his thick and long dick sliding in and out of her, each time spreading her pussy deep and wide as she groans in the excitement, the feeling within her.

Karl strains as the pressure Linda is putting on his dick is not only the most incredible feeling every single inch of skin of his dick has ever had pressing on it, but the force feels like it also wants suck the cum right out of him with each thrust.

Mary straddles Karl’s legs just behind Linda, placing her hands gently on Linda’s hips, the feeling of Mary’s fingers touching onto the sensitive skin of her hips brings an additional rush of feeling into Linda’s loins and her groaning increases.

Mary holds more firmly onto Linda’s hips, Linda placing her hands onto Mary’s as their bodies come into contact; Linda feeling Mary’s tender breasts and hard nipples pressing into her back. Their bodies move in sync, increasing the motion as Linda tightens up in her stomach and legs, her vagina tightening around Karl’s ever swelling dick, pulling hard on it as she rises, and thrusting down hard as she lowers herself.

Linda leans back more into Mary’s body, tilting her head back as she lets out loud moans. Mary thrusts her hips with Linda, increasing the motion even more, their bodies beginning to sweat as their skin become even more firmly pressed into each other, the feeling increasing Linda’s volume as Mary begins to moan with her.

Karl’s stomach is so tight as he fights to hold it in he cannot help but begin to sit up in bed, he tenses his legs digging his heels into the bed to hold it back as Linda and Mary’s sweaty naked bodies writhing together in wild abandonment, their increasing moans turning into screams add to the excitement of the the pressure on his dick pulling everything he has so close to eruption that he groans in the strain, increasing into a scream himself.

Their screams echo each others as a force drives to the tip of Karl’s dick, Linda feeling in it rise within him as it swells just that much more, the anticipation sending her into a long scream as she throws her head back even more into Mary who suddenly brings her hands up from Linda’s hips, grabbing onto Linda’s breasts, Linda’s hands following hers and holding on as they both squeeze, the pressure on her breasts adding to the frenzy, that rising pressure in Karl’s dick at the very tip where it can longer be held as he grabs handfuls of sheets just as he lets go of his load, it rushes out with incredible force spraying a stream deep up into Linda. Linda’s screams turn into a prolonged gasp as air rushes out of her lungs feeling that deep stream within her, as she takes a deep breath, she and Mary squeezing hard on her tits, and another stream comes as she forces the air out of her lungs in another loud moan, repeatedly yelping loudly as she feels stream after stream forcing its way into her until Karl has been exhausted.

They are all three breathing wildly, rapidly, bodies sweating. Mary maintains a hold onto Linda’s breasts, as does Linda, as they both fall over to the side and off of Karl. They lie on the bed, motionless, maintaining their position with their hands still both onto Linda’s breasts. Karl lies there on the bed, much like Linda unable to move as they both try to catch their breath. Mary, also breathing heavily, kisses Linda about her shoulders and neck, still holding to her breasts like she doesn’t want to let go.

They all three lie there on the bed…knowing this night is not finished yet.


The End


Copyright 2012 by Dos Cleve.


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