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After Class

Today I had a crazy day at school! Besides stupid fights, nothing spectacular ever happens. Being a senior is stressful enough, and all I want is to graduate and get out of this place. I don’t know why, but 6th period is always the longest class. However, for some reason my teacher, Ms. Adorn, seemed to be in a rush. I didn’t mind, hell I was rushing with her! It was a little unlike her since she’s nerdy and seemed to spend most of her time in the classroom. She’s 26 years old, tall and curvy, but always covered up with sweaters. She has long eyelashes that hide behind her glasses, and wears her hair in a bun every day. What a granny.

Before the bell could ring, Ms. Adorn dismissed us 5 minutes early. It was like an instant reflex, because when she made that announcement I jumped out of my seat before she can finish telling us. I rushed out and walked down the hall until I noticed I didn’t have my phone in my pocket. “Aw shit!” I said, and turned around and walked down the now empty hall. As I neared the classroom, I heard a loud THUD. I slowly approached the door, began to open it, but it slammed shut as if someone pushed it closed. I looked through the window on the door and seen Ms. Adorn with her back against the door, kissing a PE teacher, Mr. Mayers. Afraid of being seen, I quickly ducked. What the hell is going on here?

I took another peek through the window and seen Mr. Mayers, kissing and sucking on Ms. Adorns neck. Soon, she took him by the hand and led him to her desk. She shoved everything off of the desk and pushed Mr. Mayers on top of it. As she climbed on top of him, I can see her pink, laced panties from under her skirt. She pulled off her shirt, let down her bun, and let her wavy hair lay down her back. She tossed her glasses on the floor and revealed her sexy eyes. I couldn’t believe this was happening!

Mr. Mayers removed her bra, and licked and sucked her large breast until her nipples got red and hard. She stood up and removed her skirt while he quickly took off his shirt and slacks. I couldn’t believe I saw Ms. Adorn in nothing but panties and high heels. I wish I was Mayers as I watched him glide his hands up and down her soft curves, gripping and caressing them. He picked her up and sat her on the desk. I watched her lay on her back and spread her long beautiful legs.  He began to lick and suck on her neck. Then he rolled his tongue between her breasts, down to her smooth belly, and onto her red, hot vagina. I watched her face expressions change as she moaned and grinded her teeth. He began slowly fingering her, and then with two fingers, he began to speed up the motion.  It must’ve felt good, because she began to grip is hair and moan louder and louder. I looked around; almost sure someone had heard her sex cries.

Once I noticed I was the only “Peeping Tom”, I turned back to the scene and seen Ms. Adorn now on her feet with her hands on her desk. Mayers bent her over, and shoved his penis in her. She arched her back and looked back at him as he thrust inside of her. “Deeper!” she cried. He set one foot on the desk, while the other was still on the floor, and gave her a deep thrust. She shouted as he kept giving her more of what she wanted. They grinded and sweated until they decided to change positions. Mr. Mayers sat on her desk chair, and with her back faced to him, sat on his lap. They both sighed with pleasure. I saw her grind on his pole as if she were a stripper who happened to luck up on a teaching job. She was good! She stood on her feet and bounced her ass on him, repeatedly. Mayers laid his head back, moaning and telling her “Fuck me, baby”. When she got bold enough, she lifted her feet off of the floor and onto his thighs. I could even hear their skin slapping as she jumped up and down on his lap. When she started to get tired, he kept penetrating her moist opening from under her. She gripped his arms, almost scratching them, and her knees began to shake. He lifted her up, slightly, and continued giving her his stick. He went harder and faster until she suddenly shouted “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!”

As intense as it was, Mr. Mayers wasn’t finished. He picked her up and laid her back on the desk. Facing her, he gave her a kiss and began to dive his penis back inside of her. Grinding deep, he whispered things in her ear. I couldn’t tell what he was saying, but I can see Ms. Adorn with her eyes closed and biting her lips. He lifted her legs and stretched them onto his shoulders. He started smashing her juicy pussy, making sure she got every inch of his cock. She shouted so much, he had to cover her mouth. “Take this dick”, he said as he continued to give it to her.

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