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3 in the Morning

I am groggy this morning, or perhaps I am still asleep. Am I dreaming? I have this incredible hard on and a feeling of intense excitement rising within my dick, pushing its way to the tip. I can’t quite understand this moment as I lie here, glancing over, finding Tina lying next to me, naked. She has the cover pulled down exposing me, sliding her elegant fingers so gently and lovingly up and down on my hard dick, having me so excited as I’m already feeling a build-up; and she certainly has me by surprise, and a pleasant one at that as she and Pam just came in last night.

And speaking of Pam…she walks into the room. Normally I might be embarrassed, but having Tina stroking my dick and Pam now standing at the foot of the bed, completely naked, her tanned body, full and bouncy breasts, and near bleach blond hair, on her head and bush, strike quite a contrast with Tina’s pale skin, small but firm breasts, and auburn hair. I still think I am dreaming as I have fantasized about Pam and Tina, separately and together, but would not have anticipated I would ever wake to this; they are friends, platonic friends, even though we do flirt.

I am straining to hold it in. Tina just strokes my dick with a firm yet gentle caress with her oh so delicate fingers, while Pam crawls onto the bed, staring at my dick as a smile spreads across lips so fleshy and delicious, and exciting me more as she watches. They have definitely caught me off guard as I cannot muster the strength to hold it back, feeling a rush that wants to shoot out my dick and into Pam’s mouth as she lies there on her tummy, just on my legs, blowing onto my dick, her lips pursing as though she wants a taste.

I can’t hold it back anymore as the pressure builds up and climbs to the end of my dick like a rod pushing its way from within to the very tip, feeling like the head of it is going to explode, as I let it go, sprouting up like a geyser as both Tina and Pam squeal with excitement while I let out an exasperated groan of intense joy; and I try to catch my breath.

I definitely did not expect this. Tina and Pam are just friends, who happened to stay over last night; though they are both desirable, young , oh so delicious women, we’ve never had any sexual contact before. We have flirted and talked openly about sex, and even among ourselves, but I definitely did not expect such a…oh hell, stop trying to deny it.

Pam jumps up, her jiggly tits bouncing, exciting me, as she runs into the bathroom. I turn my attention to Tina, just looking up and down her beautiful body, and wondering why I hear water running in the bathroom. Pam shortly comes out of the bathroom with two wet washcloths and a towel. She hands one of the washcloths to Tina, then they begin rubbing me down where I came all over myself. Slowly and gently each of them stroke the washcloths over my stomach, my hips, and Pam grabs my dick up in one hand and wipes it, gently stroking with the wet washcloth, then she gently pushes my dick up toward my stomach, letting it lie, then gently caresses the tip of her finger along the exposed, tender underside of my penis.

After wiping me down, Pam takes the towel and pats me down with it; then she gets back up from the bed, those tits bouncing and ass jiggling, as she takes the washcloths and towel back into the bathroom, while Tina rolls onto me, licking my lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth; we engage in kissing and tonguing. I bite gently onto her lower lip as I feel her lip swell and bend into a smile. She pulls her lip from my mouth, her head tilts and her eyes make contact with mine, those beautiful green eyes; still smiling, she nips at my nose.

Tina rolls off of me as I see Pam crawl onto the foot of the bed, straddling my legs; the silken skin of her inner thighs feels like heaven brushing against my legs as she inches her way up on me. She takes my dick in her hand, and rubs it up against her bush; that’s such a wonderful feeling, that of her soft silky hair on the skin of my dick, exciting me. I feel my dick hardening already, tingling going through my body as it begins to stand; she and I both watch it thicken, standing on its own as a hose filling with water in anticipation of the fire which lies ahead; she bites her lower lip as I feel my eyes roll back momentarily losing site of her silken, naked body.

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