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October | 2012 | Pressing Flesh

Archive for October 2012

Mighty Mac

From www.eroticpastime.blogspot.com

So, today while we were on our way to Drummond Island, he was driving, and I was sitting beside him, playing with my camera and my phone.  He reached over and laid his hand on my leg.  I gave it a little squeeze and then took a picture of the bridge through the windshield.

I don’t know how much you know about Mackinac, but there is a huge bridge, bigger than the Golden Gate according to my Google search while on said bridge, that goes into the Upper Peninsula.  The bridge has two lanes, one each way, that are made of metal, like a grating, and the tires hum when they drive over it.  His little sports car actually vibrated.  I leaned forward in my seat trying to get the entire bridge support into the shot and I could feel the vibrations move up my legs and into my thighs.  I looked over at him and grinned.

He glanced away from the road and saw me.  ”What?”

“This bridge,”  I said, biting my lower lip, “it’s like a giant vibrator.”

Instantly, he slid his hand up my leg and under my skirt.  I closed my eyes as the seat of the sports car vibrated and his fingers rubbed my clit through my cotton panties.

“Go faster,” I said, moving my hips against him as he swirled around my swollen flesh.

He has always followed instructions well, and in a flash, he pushed down on the gas and the vibrations coming through the car changed pitch while his fingers moved my panties aside and parted my lips so he could drive two fingers inside me.

I opened my eyes as the second massive support of the bridge rolled over our heads.  ”Oh, don’t stop,” I said, grinding my hips and fucking his fingers.

“You better hurry and let go, the toll booth is coming up,” he said, starting to slow the car.

“Don’t stop,” I said.

“I have to,” he countered still spreading his fingers deep inside me while I fucked my hips against him.

“You can stop the car, but don’t stop…”

“That’ll be four dollars, sir.”  A voice came from my left and I snapped my head toward the man who was looking over at my copain’s hand buried in my cooze.

“Oh,” I said, tugging the skirt over his hand while he continued to move his fingers and hand the officer-looking guy some cash.

“Thank you.  You two have a super day.”

“Yeah, thanks.”  He said, crushing the gas and spinning the tires as I started to feel the first waves of the orgasm wash over me.

I pushed down on the seat giving him room to push them deeper.


The car pushed me back in my seat and I pushed my feet against the floor giving him room to move his fingers.  I was coming, I could feel my juices flow as the everything inside of me contracted, it was a sunburst.

“Ahhh…” I moaned, feeling his hand move against everything inside of me.

“Oh,” he said, smiling over, “you just came didn’t you?”

He snatched his fingers out and immediately stuck them in his mouth licking my cum off; my body jolted as his skin slipped out of me.  I watched his tongue suck my glistening juice and slid my hand onto the enormous bulge in his shorts.

His cock was facing the wrong way and straining against the cotton fabric.  I wrapped my fingers around it and squeezed watching his face react.  I love to watch his face when I turn him on.  His eyebrows furrow like he’s angry, but his breath catches and there’s a little grin at the edge of his mouth.  Everything inside of me goes crazy when he looks like that.  It’s so hot, it turns me on, just watching him enjoy what I do to him.

I slid my hand under the leg of the shorts and found the tip of his cock sticking out from his boxers.  I rolled my fingertip around it and felt him swell under my touch.

“I’m driving,” he said, making sure not to look at me.

This only caused me to scoot as far as the damnable bucket seat would let me and then stretch over to suck his earlobe into my mouth my while I slipped the rest of my hand up his boxer leg and wrap my fingers around the remainder of his cock.

He shifted in his seat giving me some room and I started to pump him along his thigh.  His skin was so hot, stiff, and throbbing.  ”What’s the matter?” I whispered, “you don’t think you can drive and cum in my mouth at the same time?”

He glanced over at me and I felt him pulse in my hand.  I reached over with my free hand and slowly pulled down the zipper on his shorts.

I used both hands and freed him through the ridiculous slot in his boxers until the wealth of his cock was exposed, stiff and throbbing in front of the steering wheel.  I wrapped my fingers around the base of him and started to tug while I whispered in his ear.

“Oh, you are so hard.  You can’t wait can you?  My tongue slithering around your cock while you fuck my mouth, are you going to come for me?  Are you going to let me swallow your hot come?”

I pulled my skirt up and moved my panties to the side, just so he could see my swollen pussy lips covered in glistening cum.  I shivered as the fabric brushed across me.  I was ready to come again.  He looked over and then ran two fingers between my lips.  I moaned and closed my eyes as he did, there is nothing like his rough fingers on my sensitive skin.

I leaned over and slipped him between my lips as he moaned and tangled his fingers in the hair on the back of my head.


His cock was so hot as I lowered my head onto him, swallowing his girth as far back in my throat as I could.  I could feel the car’s speed changing, his foot on the break reacting to what I was doing to him.  I inhaled his scent and dragged my tongue along him.  I love to suck cock.  I love how sensitive it is, how you can lick it and then blow along the skin and watch a man’s face glow with pleasure.

“Oh baby,” he moaned, taking his hand off of my head. “God, that feels good.”

I slowly pulled up, letting his now wet cock back into the open while I toyed with the tip, letting my tongue circle the bulging head, tickling him.  I licked my hand and wrapped my fingers around the base of him so I could jerk him while I teased.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Don’t stop,” he purred, turning into a curve, the engine racing while the tires gripped and leaned our bodies toward the door.

“Come for me,” I whispered.  ”I want you to let go.”

A clear bead of precum glistened around the tip of his cock as I stroked him.  I licked it off and closed my eyes, knowing how close he was, knowing that his own orgasm was just about to happen.  I could feel mine closing in.  I pushed two fingers into my dripping gash.  I couldn’t stop myself, I could feel it like a weight in my chest, the inevitability of it.

I went at him anew.  I bobbed my head up and down on him, fucking his cock into my mouth, feeling him pulse as he got closer, his hips beginning to thrust him deeper and faster.

I spread my legs as wide as I could and stretched myself with another finger as I moaned around his thickness.  He was breathing faster and I could feel the pressure moving up the length of him as he clenched and cock swelled in my mouth.

My nose was reaching his pubic hair, his cock was at the back of my throat, and there were three of my own fingers gripped in my quivering darkness when he came.

He moaned and pumped his hips into my mouth while he pulsed bolt after bolt.  I swallowed as fast as I could, but the hot, sticky liquid rolled past my lips.  It felt so good; his orgasm and a mouth full of his essence.  I pulled off, catching my breath, and a splash laced my cheek.  He was coming hard and just watching the last few milky drops slide down his shaft sent me over the edge.

I closed my eyes and fucked my fingers into me, feeling my own juices slide into my hand.

Racing Trophy Girl

I never got into car racing, though my friends, beer guzzling rednecks they are, and I wonder about that, certainly are into racing.

I had been at a race with them just this morning; finding nothing particularly interesting about it, not as they were, except for one one thing we had in common, and that was a keen interest in the trophy girl.

It is amazing the rednecks and others involved with this sport, and yet the beautiful women with incredible bodies who have been trophy girls.

My friends were busy, as most of these guys were, whooping and hollering at this one  trophy girl this morning. I must say that she had some of the biggest tits I’ve ever seen bunched up into that top, trying their damnedest to push their way out, and I was certainly wishing them luck.

My friends certainly were helping me to make a connection with her, unknown to them. They were loud and obnoxious enough to get her attention, which she seemed to play along with, but I wasn’t having any of their behavior as I was busy making hand signs to her, behind their backs; crazy loops, bunny ears, and references to tiny dicks. I think they thought she was responding to them with all that laughter.

Making my way back from the restroom later, I ran into her. We hit it off talking; so much so that I now find myself in a motel room with this luscious woman.

I’m already hard just looking at her in those country girl clothes; a short sleeve shirt pulled up and tied just below her breasts, Daisy Dukes cutoff blue jean shorts, and cowboy boots. She is certainly showing plenty of midriff and leg, and getting ready to show so much more as she stands before me, swaying her hips, turning about, moving to the music; sort of a strip tease.

She unties the ends of her shirt, pulls on the sides and lets it slide off her arms behind her, revealing a cut up t-shirt she is using as a makeshift sports bra, and it is barely holding those huge tits in as, without the shirt, they are just peeking out above and below it. As curiosity got the better of me earlier, she had told her cup size is EE; I had no idea such a cup size existed, but I’m becoming a believer by the moment.

She turns about, her back to me, as she peers seductively over her shoulder, her long light brown hair draping down, then pulls off the makeshift bra. She turns back around with her arms folded under her tits, cradling them; and oh my god they are so huge.

She drops her arms, letting her tits hang down, and amazing how well they hold up on their own despite how big they are, as she puts her hands in her waistband, wriggling her hips from side to side as she pushes her shorts down her legs, then standing erect as they drop the rest of the way, then steps out of them.

She stands before me fully naked, save for the cowboy boots she is still wearing. Her body is gorgeous. She has such a thin tight waistline for a woman with such large breasts, and yet her hips are shapely, her legs full and and athletically firm, yet supple like the rest of her body. And she has a full bush of pubic hair; light brown too.

She walks to the bed where I am sitting, putting her knee beside me and leaning into my face with those big tits. The softness of them giving against my face as I turn my face from side to side, rubbing against them, is so stimulating, exciting. I kiss that giving flesh of her tits, rub my tongue along one as I find her nipple and take it into my mouth, sucking on it. I bring my hands up to hold them as I alternate from one tit to the other, sucking and kissing, and just rubbing my face in these gorgeous unbelievable tits.

She slides her hands down my side, grabbing my shirt at the bottom and pulling it up, over my head and off of me. She leans forward, pushing me into the bed, as she lays on top of me, feeling my hard dick pushing up through my pants, her tits pressing into my bare chest.

She moves down on my body, her tits dragging along my bare flesh, driving me wild, as she puts her hands in my waist band, tugging at my belt and unbuckling it, sliding the zipper down with her fingers, rubbing her fingertips against the tip of my dick trying to push its way out of my underwear. She stands and pulls my pants off of me; kneeling and leaning back in, her chin coming to rest just about at my balls as she gleefully looks upon the protrusion trying to force its way free from my underwear.

My dick is so hard, my balls tingle with excitement as she rubs her finger along my underwear, pushing on my dick pressing up against it. She leans in further and presses her lips against my underwear, pressing them down onto the tip of my dick and nibbling on the head of my dick.

She pulls back up as she grabs hold to the side of my shorts and just pulls them completely off. My dick stands fully erect; it is so hard the skin on it is tight. The head of my dick feels so swollen as she leans back in between my legs, taking her fingertip again and placing it on the tip of my dick, pushing it toward my stomach, and running her finger along the so sensitive underside; my stomach muscles tighten in response as I feel a rush of excitement coming on in my dick.

She holds my dick between her fingers as she leans in, pressing those tits against my thighs and placing those full lips on the head of my dick, pushing them down on it as she takes it into her mouth.

Her her moves up and down on my dick, sliding those lips all along the surface, holding to the base of my dick with her fingers, with her pinkie moving up and down on my balls, increasing the rush building up within.

She senses my excitement, the build-up that is coming as she removes her mouth from my dick, and climbs onto the bed, straddling over me, her legs one to each side as she reaches below her, holding to my dick in her fingers, moving it back and forth against her clit, exciting herself, as well me, then placing the head of my dick into her vagina and slides down onto it, my dick going fully into her.

She rides me like a pony. Thrusting her hips forward and back, and alternating with pushing herself up and down on my dick. It is so hard inside of her, and pressure builds as with each motion, each thrust she makes, every moment it slides in and out of her, a feeling of a rush coming on, trying to push its way out of my dick, pushing its way to the tip, as I strain to hold it in against the the ever increasing pace of her thrusting back and forth on my dick like she is riding a horse.

Her movements intensify as it feels like the head of my dick is so swollen, so wanting to explode, an intense build-up all the way through as I feel it through the straining, and I can’t hold it back any more as it is too much. My dick just goes off as I feel such a release of cum going up into her, as does she, as she gets in a last few thrusts, each time releasing more into her until the source is empty.

She has worn herself out as she lifts herself off of my dick and them collapses into me. She is so tired, that she lies on top of me. I roll her to the side, letting her just lie there as I fondle and suck on her tits as she fades off into sleep.

It’s okay for her to sleep; it’s going take all night to get these tits out of my system.

The End

© 2011 by Dos Cleve